Smoke Fairies (foto: steve gullick)

Smoke Fairies – Christmas Without A Kiss

Nein, es ist kein gewöhnliches Weihnachtsalbum, das die Smoke Fairies mit „Wild Winter“, dem Nachfolger zu dem 201 erschienenen, selbstbetitelten Album, vorlegen. Dafür ist es dann doch zu düster. Die Auskopplung „Christmas Without A Kiss“ ist unser Clip der Woche. Regie führte Annick Wolfers.


“Wild Winter” von den Smoke Fairies ist definitiv nicht das, was man unter einem Weihnachtsalbum versteht. Katherine Blamire sagt über das von Kristofer Harris produzierte Machwerk: “We got together with our band, played around with the songs a few times then headed off to the studio to record them all live. It’s buzzy and raw and not one tinkling of sleigh bells can be heard.“

„Christmas can put pressure on a person,“ sagt Jessica Davies. „Pressure to be loved; pressure to share the holiday with someone special; pressure to have someone to go present shopping and cook a massive dinner for. When it doesn’t quite work out how you hoped it would, it can make you want to hurl yourself on the ground into a pile of snow in resignation. That’s what we tried to capture in this video.“

Und zu der Idee des Weihnachtsalbums sagen die Smoke Fairies generell: „We have a love/hate relationship with winter and the Christmas holiday. When it was suggested Smoke Fairies make a Christmas album, the last thing we wanted to do was make a classic, jolly, celebratory album that can only be played once a year. Sometimes winter provides us with a sense of togetherness and love, and sometimes it leaves us feeling alienated, cold and playing a glockenspiel alone in a darkened room. It’s part of the year that will always be bittersweet and wild. This was the inspiration behind the record.”

Und so wundert es auch nicht, dass sich auf dem Winter-Album der Smoke Fairies auch ein Captain Beefheart Cover versteckt hat.

Tracklisting „Wild Winter“
1. Christmas Without A Kiss
2. Steal Softly Thru Snow
3. 3 Kings
4. Give and Receive
5. Circles in The Snow
6. Bad Good
7. Wild Winter
8. Snowglobe Blizzard
9. So Much Wine
10. All Up In The Air


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