Thomas Dybdahl (foto: Arild Østin Ommundsen)

24 Stunden mit … Thomas Dybdahl

Überaus produktiv: Erst im vergangenen Jahr hat der norwegische Singer-Songwriter Thomas Dybdahl mit „All These Things“ ein neues Album vorgelegt. Nun steht der Gute wieder mit neuem Material in den Startlöchern: „45“ heißt die neue Single, gleichzeitig offenbar ein Vorgeschmack auf ein neues Album, das Dybdahl gerade strickt. Uns ließ der Musiker sich bei den Aufnahmen über die Schulter blicken.

24 Stunden mit Thomas Dybdahl in Stavanger (Norwegen)

Coffee Cabin

This is the acoustic guitar cabin I built to record all kinds of acoustic instruments. All wood and painted with coffee so it sounds and smells great. Important to be comfortable. (foto: dybdahl)

The Setup

This is the setup we are using to record electric guitars for this record. We play everything through a Tandberg 84 4 track recorder and mic it at least 6 feet away to get a roomy sound. (foto: dybdahl)

Partner in Crime

This is my friend, studio partner and producer Håvard Rosenberg who usually deals more with hip hop and urban music. (foto: thomas dybdahl)

Guitar Man

Me playing electric guitars on a track for the upcoming record. (foto: dybdahl)

Recording I

Recording vocals for the upcoming record, very basic setup; a neumann U87 through a Neve 1073 and a Roland Space Echo. (foto: dybdahl)

Recording II

Recording vocals. (foto: dybdahl)

Recording III

Still recording. (foto: dybdahl)


This is how the studio looked today before we started recording, all ready for vocals, guitars and all being filmed by a friend of mine who’s making a documentary. (foto: dybdahl)


Taking a little breather in the studio. (foto: dybdahl)


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