Cry Club (foto: Guilia McGauran)

24 Stunden mit … Cry Club

Ein direkter, aggressiver, aber doch gefinkelter Sound, der nicht alt oder abgenutzt klingt, eher nach einem spannenden Mix aus Ramones und Paramore: Das sind Cry Club. Das queere australische Duo bringt frischen Wind in die Punkszene. Seine hookigen Melodien, die glatten, aber wütenden Vocals, stark verzerrte, aber ausgetüftelte Gitarren – all das kann man auf dem neuen Album „Spite Will Save Me“ nachhören, das am 7. Juli erscheinen soll. Um die Wartezeit bis dahin zu verkürzen, standen uns Heather und Jono für diese 24-Stunden-Episode zur Verfügung.

Good Morning!

It’s Friday the 12th of May, we’re playing a show tonight! Starting the day in our studio at Heather’s house, we’re double checking today’s schedule so we’re on time, confirming the setlist for tonight, and finishing some admin work for the album release. (foto: Cry Club)


Filming some promotional videos for the album, we have a corner of the studio set aside for filming and Jono does the video editing once we finish the videos. (foto: Cry Club)

All Work, No Play

Our favourite way to pass the time on tour is playing video games, we’re huge Zelda fans! So of course we had to take a break to pick up the new game even if we don’t have time to play it yet. (foto: Cry Club)

Check one, two …

We’re at the venue! Our drummer was playing another gig before tonight’s show, lucky one of the other artists playing tonight is a friend of ours so he helped us during soundcheck. (foto: Cry Club)

Very Important Pet

Quick trip to Jono’s house after soundcheck to feed his cat Pancake and get dressed for the show. (foto: Cry Club)

Hello … ?

Pancake wasn’t super impressed that Heather took her spot. She’ll have her revenge someday … (foto: Cry Club)

Dinner of Champions

Our most important post-show ritual: kebab stop! We run around so much on stage that we don’t always want to eat too much food beforehand. (foto: Cry Club)


Sometimes it’s the simple things that really capture your attention … (foto: Cry Club)

Please Don’t Cry

Heather had some voiceover work the next morning … and forgot that our stage makeup leaves very big pink stains on their face (we really need to pick a different colour!) (foto: Cry Club)



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