Selah Sue (foto: Theo Gosselin)

24 Stunden mit … Selah Sue

Nach einer Pause von etwa fünf Jahren ist die belgische Singer-Songwriterin Selah Sue mit einer neuen 5-Track-EP zurückgekehrt: “Beedroom”-EP. Digital ist das gute Stück schon erschienen, physisch kommt es am 19. Juni auf den Markt. “After my first child was born, everything fell into place. Peace, love, unity. A pink cloud. It was the most natural high I have ever experienced and lasted longer than just a moment”, sagt die Künstlerin. Uns hat die Gute nun Einblick in ihre rosarote Welt gegeben.

The 3 C’s

We start each day with the 3 C’s: Coffee, Chaos & C(K)ids. At around 7oclock we wake up every morning with a wriggling foot/arm/face in our face, so no option to ‘snooze’ a bit or get up at a slow pace :) (foto: selah sue)

The Yoga Experiment

At 9 o’ clock we get out of bed (positive side of the confinement) and start with yoga for kids! To be totally honest; this was the first and last time we tried it! After exercise one, my eldest son ran off and my youngest had a (too) small toy in his mouth! (foto: selah sue)

For Opi

After breakfast we make a drawing for ‘Opi’, my father,  who’s fighting corona in the hospital.
This scary rabbit ‘Paya’ should be strong enough to fight the corona in Opi! (foto: selah sue)


At 13 o’clock we take a walk with all of our four kids. The eldest two are going nuts at home, missing their friends and EVEN missing school. But they do a great job staying positive and are a great help for our youngest kids. (foto: selah sue)


15H: Sound & light check in my bedroom where I go live once a week on my YouTube channel with ‘Lullaby Sessions’ The interaction with the fans is incredible. It fills my heart with joy. (foto: selah sue)

The Lullaby Sessions

16H50 I end the session by singing a lullaby with one/two of our four kids. Our youngest wants to take over ! Life as it is y’all! Luckily the fans are loving it :) (foto: selah sue)


17 o’ clock: We get out of the bedroom and discover our messy living room. (foto: selah sue)

Aperitif in the woods

17.10 o’ clock: We decide to ignore it and go outside and have an aperitif in the woods! (foto: selah sue)

Milk & Cuddles

19 o’ clock : We end the day with some milk & cuddles. (foto: selah sue)


22 o’ clock: Kids are asleep, hallelujah. Finally a few hours of rest: Netflix here we are!  (for five minutes, then we pass out ;) )



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