Aasma (foto: shahin alipour)

24 Stunden mit … Aasma

„Daydreams“ – so ist das neue Album von Aasma überschrieben. Um sich auf die Platte vorzubereiten, zog sich die schwedische Musikerin zurück in den Wald und sammelte dort nicht nur jede Menge Eindrücke, sondern auch viele Ideen und Fieldrecordings. Das Resultat, das fertige Album, hält spielerisch die Balance zwischen straightem Pop und Sound-Art. Eine Schnittstelle zwischen live eingespielten Instrumenten und billigen Drummachines: Filigrane Streicher-Sätze, von der schwedischen Musikerin selbst arrangiert und dirigiert, schwingen mit Chorsätzen und kontrastieren karge Beats und Synthie-Sounds.  Geschichten aus einer dunkel schimmernden Traumwelt, die die Zuhörer oszillieren lassen zwischen Meer und Wald, Straßen und der Bar aus Twin Peaks. Für unsere 24-Stunden-Episode hat sich die gute Aasma allerdings nicht in die Einsamkeit zurückgezogen, sondern in den Trubel geworfen.


A screenshot of a clip where I try to walk down the stairs backwards, because of the soreness from doing
an alpine marathon and climbing Kebnekaise the same week. The last vacation days we went up north to
spend some time far away from everything, feel small among the mountains, challenge our habits and end
up on a 13 hrs bus ride that actually turned out great. This is the last day and I’m feeling like a hundred
years old, partly wisdomly but mostly bodily. (foto: aasma)


My friend Torulf in the taxi a few hours later, we’re heading for the drag festival Stockwig in Stockholm after
some cava and a long drag makeup session. Stockwig is a group of amazing performers and club
organizers making our city fun, wish it was every week but it’s been a while now so we’re really excited. (foto: aasma)

At Stockwig

Here we are – matching from tip to toe in poison ivy, face color, capes that my friend & costume designer
Siri Gertonsson sew, matching 90s shiny ball gowns and that mysterious way of walk of a forest creature.
Torulf in snake skin higheels and me in trainers because of the still present soreness, glad that’s not in the
picture. (foto: aasma)

Jafar the Superstar

My one and only favourite drag artist, comedy genius and sibling from another mother: Jafar The Superstar
– obviously won the big prize in the avant garde cathegory for the triangle drama show Al Jizzqueera. AND
did another whole dance/theatre show the same night (Baba Karam). We’ve produced an EP together
under Jafar The Superstar’s name that is soon to be releaseed! (foto: aasma)


A performance crew that I’ve been a part of a few times and that I have a lot to thank for – taking me on
very unexpected journeys from giant chinese palaces to Lollapalooza to art gallerys. They did an amazing
show at Stockwig as always with the QR code suit and balloon covered crutches. (foto: aasma)

Butcher Queen

A queen that I’ve also performed together with in Grebnellaw shows, who does a gorgeous show at
Stockwig ending with a fabric string coming out of her butt as she walks away from it. This is the last show
and crowd goes crazy. (foto: aasma)

Total satisfaction

If you some day must come back to city life from having a good mountain time, a drag party is where you
should come back to. Planning an album release is not that bad either. Here’s me dancing to the Baba
Karam performance in the bar! (foto: aasma)



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