The Ella Sisters (foto: band)

24 Stunden mit … The Ella Sisters

 The Ella Sisters – das sind die norwegischen Zwillingen Maren und Charlotte. Aufgewachsen an der Südküste Norwegens, hatten die Schwestern genug Raum für Kreativität und Schreiben. Ihre Songs sind davon inspiriert, jung zu sein und die Welt, in der wir leben, in Frage zu stellen. Sie sprechen Themen wie Identität, Mental Health, Freundschaft, Liebe und Selbstvertrauen an. Ihre Musik strahlt Mut und Zärtlichkeit aus. Ende des Monats erscheint ihre EP „Queen“. Vorher nahmen sich die beiden für unsere „24 Stunden“-Rubrik Zeit.

24 Stunden mit The Ella Sisters in Norwegen


So these days are spent mostly in the studio working on our music. We have been working with roots music in a local studio in Norway (our folky side is presented through a different band), so the way we solved the quarantine and social distancing situation was that we record our vocals here and then send them to UK and do skype meetings along the way. It is interesting how we all solve new situations when we have to. We feel very lucky that we get to continue working in these times. 


At Work

So we typically wake up at 7 and do our warm-ups, and go for a walk in the forest or by the ocean by our house to clear our minds. Then we drive to the studio around 9-10. We then record instrumentals and then vocals. This day we brought our photographer and videographer, Tobias. These days we have been working on live versions of our EP with our band. So the second part of the day we filmed with the boys.

Sneak Peak

We recently released our first single “Cars”, and our second single “Miss The Most” is out too! So after studio it was time for filming the music video. Here is a sneak peak of the morning in photos, with Joseph and Tomos – characters in the film :) 


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