Maisie Peters (foto: warner music)

24 Stunden mit … Maisie Peters

Nachdem Maisie Peters zuletzt unter anderem mit der Veröffentlichung bisher ungehörten Studiosession-Materials, der Gründung ihres eigenen Buchclubs und einem Cameo-Auftritt in Apple TVs erster eigener britischer TV-Serie „Trying“ von sich reden machte, hat die produktive Singer-Songwriterin gerade ihren Song „Sad Girl Summer“ veröffentlicht. Ein Song, der das Potential hat, laue Sommerabende am See zu untermalen. Wie ihre Tage mittlerweile so aussehen, hat uns die Gute in dieser 24-Stunden-Episode verraten.

Instant Coffee

Drink my first terrible instant coffee of the day! So bad but so good. Make my brain as wired as possible. (foto: peters)

Abby & Luna

FaceTime my friend Abby in Jakarta, who has just got a new puppy. She’s called Luna and she is my sweet dog niece who I already love. Just look at that face tho. (foto: peters)

Watching Taylor

Watch the new Taylor Swift music video. Goes without saying, it was extremely iconic and an emotional experience that we shall not take for granted. I’m obsessed with the new album “Folklore” and have been playing it every minute I possibly can.


Write my own song! This one was a savage bop about never wanting to someone ever again please thank u very. (foto: peters)


Go out the get fish and chips. With my trusty facemark that I absolutely never leave home without. A true chic and safety conscious fashion statement. (foto: peters)


Countryside walk to end the day, ponder all my lifes greatest achievements and failures and whether I will ever own two black kittens like I dream about nearly every night. (foto: peters)



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