Pale Blue Eyes (foto: Honey Davis Wilkinson)

24 Stunden mit … Pale Blue Eyes

Pale Blue Eyes, das sind das Ehepaar Lucy und Matt Board, das von dem Motown-verrückten Bassisten Aubrey Simpson entscheidend unterstützt wird. Matt (Gesang/Gitarre) und Lucy (Schlagzeug/Elektronik) lernten sich am Dartington College of Arts in South Devon kennen, einer geschichtsträchtigen Einrichtung, die im Laufe der Jahre von Leuten wie Igor Stravinksy, Yul Brynner und John Cage belebt wurde. Nachdem die Band aus Devon im Jahr 2021 ihre Debüt-Single veröffentlicht hat, hat sie nun ihr Debütalbum „Souvenirs“ vorgelegt. Die schwungvollen Synthesizerlinien und metronomischen Gitarrenriffs des Albums verleihen ihm eine transportierende, bewusstseinsverändernde Stimmung – etwas, das schon als „Devon Cream-Adelica“ bezeichnet wurde. Uns standen Pale Blue Eyes nun für unsere 24-Stunden-Reihe zur Verfügung. Die Fotos sind neulich auf Tour mit Public Service Broadcasting entstanden; die Captions stammen von Lucy Board.

Travel Mornings

Whilst we currently have the privilege of touring up and down the country, we also delight in the equal excitement of touring the nation’s Travelodges. 
The three of us squeeze pretty snuggly into a family room. Aubrey gets the cott. We get up bright and early for a sachet of instant coffee with a lovely dribble of evaporated milk, which gets us into the rock and roll spirit for the day.
Today we venture from Edinburgh up to the Ironworks in Inverness. (foto: Aubrey Simpson)


We head to the van to set off. A lot of our Travelodges are the cheapest ones we could possibly find, so we’re waking up in some pretty random service station type places. (foto: Russ Swift)

Time travel

Time travel – feels a bit like it! We’re covering a lot of distance on this tour and seeing places we’ve never seen before. It’s our first tour of this scale and the first time we’re working with Russ who’s bossing hours of driving each day as well as loads of other stuff. (foto: Aubrey Simpson)


Scotland is stunning, as we get further and further north the landscape is changing and there’s so many lush colours out the window. We power through the highlands with Chaka Khan blazing on the bluetooth. Aubrey is snapping away out the front window. (foto: Aubrey Simpson)


The landscape as we approach Inverness. (foto: Aubrey Simpson)

Loch Ness

We take a little detour and check out Loch Ness. Aubrey and Russ decide they want to go in the water. It‘s bracing, windy weather, but they go for it. Matt took Aubrey’s camera…We watch on, as well as some American folks who are quizzical…“why on earth do they want to go in there?!” (foto: Matt Board)
Loch Ness. (foto: Matt Board)
Still Loch Ness. (foto: Matt Board)
Leaving Loch Ness. (foto: Matt Board)


Russ and Aubrey triple up on hoodies and we head over to the venue to load-in. The Ironworks in Inverness. A great venue which we discover is sadly due to close down soon in favour of a new hotel being built in its place. A local man at the pub theorises that  the hotel was planned to be built so that people had somewhere to stay when there were gigs on at the venue, but ironically they’ve bought the very plot of land that Ironworks is situated on.
 It seems such a shame to lose this great venue. (foto: Aubrey Simpson)


We set up and run through bits of a few tracks – we have to be done before doors open, and security staff start doing their walk-arounds as we play a bit of Globe, a bit of Little Gem and a bit of Chelsea. Time is tight so we don’t mess about. (foto: Aubrey Simpson)

Dressing Room

There’s not loads of time between soundcheck and our stage time so we usually all just hang about in the dressing room, get changed, have a pot noodle, have a beer, do a bit of playing on guitars, listen to some tunes. I think we all have different pre-gig moods, sometimes we just try and save up all our beans for the gig!

Ironworks Dressing Room

Not one but two sofas, a comprehensive spread of musician’s delicacies including Jacob’s Crackers, a kettle, two pot noodles and 160 Yorkshire Tea Bags. (foto: Aubrey Simpson)
Also, bonus points for a 500 Watt vibrating exercise pad that was situated in the corner of the room. Sadly it looks like a previous band got a little bit excited and blew the fuse on it, but it made for good decoration. (foto: Aubrey Simpson)

Gig time

It’s what we’re all here for. We blast through our set – and the energy from the crowd is awesome. The audience seems right on board with PBE warming them up for PSB! (foto: Russ Swift)
It’s what we’re all here for. We blast through our set – and the energy from the crowd is awesome. The audience seems right on board with PBE warming them up for PSB! (foto: Russ Swift)


Done. (foto: Russ Swift)
Thanks! (foto: Aubrey Simpson)



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