Femme Schmidt (foto: gabriel everett)

My Soundtrack: Femme Schmidt

Voll des Lobes sind Kritiker und Musikerkollegen für Femme Schmidt und ihr neues Album „Raw“. Begeisterung, wo man hinschaut. Für welche fünf Künstler Femme Schmidt selbst vor Begeisterung Purzelbäume schlägt, das verrät uns die Gute in „My Soundtrack“.

Für ihr neues Album „Raw“ hat Femme Schmidt ordentlich Lob eingeheimst. Von welchen, die es wissen müssen. Eine Auswahl der Lobhudeleien gefällig? „Some people change the temperature of a room when they enter, Femme Schmidt does that. She is mercurial and seductive without speaking, add music and her sultry voice and within seconds you are under her spell“, sagt Dave Stewart (Eurythmics). „Listening to this album is a wonderful, filmic, suspenseful, soundtracky trip through the wicked world as seen through Schmidt’s eyes. She has such interesting things to say about life and love and it all sounds dark, powerful and lovely at the same time“, schwärmt Chris Martin (Coldplay). „It was a great pleasure to have Femme Schmidt opening for me on my tour of Germany. She and her band were extremely professional, and each night played a most interesting set of songs which struck a very postive chord with my audience. It’s not always easy to be the opening act on a tour, but Femme Schmidt was a great success, and I felt her music was complimentary to my own, and helped to create the right mood for what was to follow. I like very much her sensitive version of my song … one of those songs I very rarely perform, so it’s good to hear it get a fresh interpretation. I sense she is on the right track with her career, and should follow her own instinct and continue to develop what is unique in her sound“, adelt Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music) sie. Könnte also kaum besser laufen für die rätselhafte Wahl-Berlinerin, die national und international mit ihrem ganz eigenen Stil begeistert.



Norah Jones – Turn Me On

Mit dem Album „Come away“ habe ich angefangen zu singen, „Turn Me On“ ist mein favorite.


Carole King – Natural Woman

My first real Hero. Unglaubliches Songwriting.


Al Green – Let’s Stay Together

Keiner singt über Liebe so wie Al Green es tut. Emotion pur!


Nina Simone – I Loves You Porgy

Eine Unglaublich schöne Tragödie aus der Oper „Porgy and Bess“.


Erykah Badu – Next Life Time

No comment, the song says it all.


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