24 Stunden mit … Luca Fogale

Ein Name, den man sich merken sollte: Luca Fogale. Der kanadische Singer-Songwriter schickt sich an, noch in diesem Jahr sein zweites Album zu veröffentlichen. Das Markenzeichen des Musikers aus Burnaby (British Columbia): sein reflektierendes und melancholisches Songwriting. Einige seiner Songs wurden schon in TV-Shows wie „Grey’s Anatomy“ oder „NCIS: Los Angeles“ verwendet. Im März erschien seine Single „Half-Saved“. Zuletzt hat Fogale den irischen Singer-Songwriter-Kollegen Dermot Kennedy auf Tour begleitet. In Köln war die Kamera für uns dabei.

24 Stunden mit Luca Fogale in Köln


Arrived at beautiful Köln HBF on a very misty morning. (foto: fogale)


Had an incredible vegan breakfast at Heimisch, a cafe that I’ll be back to the first chance I get. (foto: fogale)

City Walk

I took a walk through the west side of the city and popped into some very cool book shops and vintage stores. (foto: fogale)


Soundcheck at Palladium, one of the most incredible venues I’ve ever been in. (foto: fogale)

Bratwurst & Sauerkraut

Had a delicious obligatory meal of Bratwurst, potatoes and sauerkraut at the famed Früh am Dom before catching the train the day after the show. (foto: fogale)

Rhine River

Took a beautiful and misty walk over the Rhein River. (foto: fogale)

Before the show

The moments before my set started. (foto: fogale)


A photo from the show at Palladium. To play at that venue was unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. I’ve always heard about how respectful audiences are in Germany, but I could have never expected four thousand people to stand so quietly and be so enthusiastic after each song was finished. It was, without a doubt, the most enjoyable show I have ever played. I absolutely cannot wait to be back. (foto: fogale)



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