Lola Marsh (foto: Dor Sharon)

24 Stunden mit … Lola Marsh – Part II

Pophits voller Electro- und Synth-Sounds mit warmen Harmonien und smarten Texten – dafür steht das israelischen Pop-Duo Lola Marsh. Das aus Tel Aviv stammende Duo wurde 2013 von Gil Landau (Gitarren, Keyboards) und Yael Shoshana Cohen (Gesang) gegründet. Dieser Tage hat es sein drittes Album „Shot Shot Cherry“ veröffentlicht. Auf eben diesem verbinden die beiden unter anderem verträumte Synth-Pop-Shären mit Sound-Elementen aus den 1970ern. Ziemlich abwechslungsreich. Reinhören lohnt – und reinschauen. Und zwar in diese 24-Stunden-Ausgabe. Es ist übrigens schon das zweite Mal, dass Yael und Gil uns für diese Rubrik zur Verfügung stehen: Welcome back.


That was a very Rock & Roll moment, when a fan showed us a cool tattoo she made with lyrics from our song “only for a moment”. There were also cases where Yaeli signed on fans hands because they asked her to, and they went on and tattooed the signature, which made Yaeli put an effort in autographs from now on. (foto: Omri Rosengart)


We love touring, to play every day a different city, different audience, to see beautiful changing landscapes and to spend good time with our friends in the band. it is tough too, sleepless nights, playing almost every day, but then you see the smiling faces from the crowd every night & you say to yourself – it’s totally worth it. (foto: Lola Marsh)

On Stage

On our last summer tour we played at Sziget Festival in front of thousands of people. This was one of the most powerful shows we had last year. We felt the warmth of the crowd as if we were standing among them. We were ecstatic and danced like crazy. When we got off stage, Gil found out that his favorite pants were completely torn during the show, he gave it all on stage ;)
We couldn’t stop laughing, It was an unforgettable evening! (foto: Lola Marsh)

Tour Pass

Getting the tour pass is a serious event in Lola Marsh, a very special ceremony when everyone is gathering together, usually in some back stage, in the beginning of every tour, Mauricio our tour manager is calling each name, and placing the tour pass on our necks. (foto: Omri Rosengart)

First Magic, Now Routine

In the beginning, when we were just learning what it means to be on tour, the flights were a special part of the journey. Leaving one country and flying to another was exciting, wrapped in magic and we totally enjoyed it. Now-days, flights have become a routine, and sometimes a hassle. The long lines at the airports, the corona virus that changed the rules of the game and the constant fear that the guitar will be sent to the belly of the plane. Today we know that the best thing we can do is use this time to sleep, because  as soon as the plane lands – it’s show time. (foto: Lola Marsh)


On tour we have long van rides. Every day we are in a different city, we see amazing views from the window, but it is also very exhausting sometimes. We try not to take many breaks because the schedule is very tight, but every now and then we would take a break for a moment to freshen up. This picture was taken at such a moment, after a very long drive of several hours, when we felt that we were about to freak out in the closed van. (foto: Omri Rosengart)



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