Lola Marsh (foto: michael toploy)

24 Stunden mit … Lola Marsh

Aufmerksame Leser wissen: Lola Marsh haben wir hier schon im Fokus, seit die Band 2015 ihre Debüt-EP bewarb. Mittlerweile hat das israelische Duo, bestehend aus Gil Landau (Gitarren, Keyboards) und Yael Shoshana Cohen (Gesang), bereits zwei Alben veröffentlicht. Das jüngste, “Someday Tomorrow Maybe”, erschien vergangenen Freitag. Auf diesem mischt die Band ihrem typischen Folk-Pop eine gehörige Prise Nostalgie bei. Starke Platte. Und daher freuen wir uns, dass wir die Band an dieser Stelle wieder featuren können. Gil und Yael haben für unsere 24-Stunden-Reihe ihren Tag on the road, von Lyon nach Wien, für uns in Wort und Bild festgehalten.

24 Stunden mit Lola Marsh in Wien

Starting in Lyon, France

Woke up after a show we had last night, breakfast at the hotel (lots of croissants with jam). And off to the airport to catch a flight to Vienna. Here’s a pic we took in a gas station on the way. (foto: band)

Leaving on a Jetplane

Flying to Vienna. Gil slept most of the flight. And Yaeli read her excellent super romantic book. (foto: band)

Happy Birthday

Vienna. Arriving to the hotel, meeting the rest of the band & celebrating our bass player birthday! We bought him Tetris & a yo-yo. And put balloons in his room! He was very happy about it. (foto: band)

Out in the Streets

Walking the streets of Vienna. And enjoying the cold weather. (foto: band)

Radio Stars

Radio session with FM4. They are celebrating 25 years of existing. We sang to them happy birthday in Hebrew, had some interviews. And gave them our new album with some special dedication! Was fun! (foto: band)

Backstage I

Going with all the band to play in FM4 birthday festival. It’s in a really cool place, the back stage is fantastic with many cool treats like Nintendo, and a ping pong table as well as very yummy food! (foto: band)

Backstage II

We’re playing, eating too much and rehearsing for a TV show we have in a few days. (foto: patrick münnich photography)


Interview at the venue. (foto: band)

Check 1-2-3

Soundcheck in the venue. Everything is going pretty well. (foto: band)

Getting Ready

1 minute before going on stage. (foto: band)


The show was great, had a loving audience, and we played some new songs tonight. So it was exciting. (foto: band)


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