Thieves Like Us (foto: Seayou Records / Rough Trade)

Thieves Like Us – Moon

Nach einer vierjährigen Pause melden sich Thieves Like Us mit ihrem fünften Album zurück. Mit „Moon“ gibt es auch schon die erste Single des Longplayers, der im April erscheinen soll. Und die ist bei uns gleich zum Video der Woche geworden.

Die schwedisch-amerikanische Gruppe, die sich nach einem New-Order-Song benannt hat, hat seit 2015 an der neuen Platte gearbeitet, auf der sie ihrem Publikum wieder ihren kosmischen Sound, der durch das Thomas Franklins Bass-Spiel und Tore Knippings Drums seine besondere Würze bekommt.


Zum neuen Video sagt Sänger Andy Grier Folgendes:  “When Thieves Like Us began, we were often too busy recording, or touring to shoot our own videos. Calm moments were few and far between and when they did occur, we were either not in the same city, or didn’t have a proper budget to film a music video up to our standards. While we could have opted to shoot on digital film, we are huge cineophiles and we were certain we would compromise our aesthetic in making a „real“ music video. We felt it best to re-edit cult movies. The images matched our music, and, it was fast and affordable. Our first single Drugs In My Body was made up of clips from Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo. We released this back in 2007, I think. It comes across as some kind of commercial to move to Berlin and live a raver’s existence. We liked the look of cult films to our music, so we just continued in this manner. Sometimes fans even do their own film re-edits to our songs. These are great.

We do often mix in some grit with the videos, say drugs, or glamour. That’s part of our make-up, and part of the branding. Maybe that’s just surface bait to get people watching or listening in order to eventually get them THINKING. We’ve been labeled as a party band, but that’s really not the case at all. We do like danceable music. But most of these tunes have a broader societal meaning. If I step back, and deconstruct the texts of the songs, I would say they are about human relationships. We live in a patriarchal society. Many of the texts are about the evil that men do (myself included), say man exploiting fellow man or woman, or the songs are simply about man’s mistreatment of woman (my own relationship to women). In my thirties, after some life experience, I do think women are much stronger than men and carry a much greater burden in life. I would like to see the planet shift to a more matriarchal society. Whilst I should not make such an absolute statement, I do think women are more grounded in the earth and the cosmos. I think things would be better if women were in charge. Please note I am still learning about human beings, and my knowledge is limited. The aforementioned statements may not be correct, but they are my opinion. And we stand by them.”

Das neue Album von Thieves Like Us erscheint im April via Seayou Records/Rough Trade. Das Artwork zeigt eine Nachstellung von Hans Conrad Schumanns ikonischem Sprung über die Grenze der DDR in die Freiheit. Diesmal springt aber eine farbige Frau, die den selben Piloten-Anzug trägt, den Andy Griers Vater dereinst in Vietnam trug.


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