Haiku Garden (foto: Jaka Teršek)

24 Stunden mit … Haiku Garden

Echte Pioniere: Haiku Garden sind die erste Shoegaze Band Sloweniens. Sie sind die Vorreiter dieses Genres in ihrer Heimat. Der Bandname mag dabei nach einer japanischen Gedichtsform klingen, hat aber in Wirklichkeit gar nichts damit zu tun. Die Band (Anže Knez, Luka Flegar, Matevž Bitenc, Klemen Tehovnik) findet, dass der Name einfach passend zur Musik klingt, die sie machen. Damit sei auch euch auch das jüngste Album der Gruppe ans Herz gelegt, dass 2022 erschien: „Loose Contacts / Tense Present“. Hat die Kapelle zuletzt auch mit auf Deutschland-Tour gebracht. Kurz vor Abreise ist diese 24-Stunden-Episode entstanden. Enjoy.

Good Morning!

Good morning! It’s Thursday, 1st February 2024. We are going to the studio today, very exciting! We are going to be there ‘till Sunday, 4th and the plan is to record 7 songs in this time, which is pretty ambitious (for us), but we’re feeling pretty good. But first: a cup of coffee, a small breakfast and time to send out some emails. (foto: Haiku Garden)

Metelkova Street

It’s early afternoon now, time to get this show on the road. First stop: our practice space on Metelkova street in Ljubljana. We need to pack up all our gear and instruments and load them into the van and then drive to the studio in Kočevje, which is about 1,5 hours away. (foto: Haiku Garden)


Checked-in to the hostel in Kočevje and made it to the studio. We’ll be here for the rest of the day. (foto: Haiku Garden)

Setting Up

Time to unpack all the stuff and set it up, choose which mics and amps to use etc. This always takes a few hours, but is essential. (foto: Haiku Garden)


Basic setup is done, so time to play a few takes of a song so as to fine tune all the sounds and see if it’s working. (foto: Haiku Garden)

Late Night

Did a few takes, it’s sounding pretty good. But it’s quite late in the night now, and we want to get an early start tomorrow, so let’s call it a day. (foto: Haiku Garden)


Time for a well deserved proper meal at our local favorite restaurant. These pizzas, XXL Kebabs and IPAs will do just the trick! :D (foto: Haiku Garden)

Good Night

Off to sleep, because we have a full 3 days of recording ahead of us… And then a tour next week, woo! (foto: Haiku Garden)



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