Molly Burch (foto: max jenkins)

Molly Burch – Candy

Unser Video der Woche kommt diesmal von der wunderbaren Molly Burch. Der Clip zu „Candy“ – aus ihrem aktuell überall gefeierten Album „First Flower“, das am 5. Oktober auf Captured Tracks erschienen ist – hat es uns dieser Tage besonders angetan. 

Der Clip zu „Candy“ wurde auf 8mm gedreht und stammt von der US-amerikanischen Regisseurin, Songwriterin und Schauspielerin Nöel Wells, die vielen aus der ersten Staffel der Comedyserie „Masters Of None“ und als ehemaliges Saturday Night Live-Mitglied bekannt sein dürfte.


Burch über die gelungene Kollaboration mit Wells: „I’ve been a huge fan of Noël’s for quite some time so it was a dream of mine for her to direct this video. It’s really inspiring to watch her work. Her mind is so fast and full of ideas constantly. The whole day was mostly female dominated, which is always my preference (shout out to my sister Samy Burch who cast all of the wonderful actors in the video!) It was a glorious experience collaborating and I feel she captured the song so well.“

Nöel Wells selbst über Moly Burch und den Sixties-Pop-Vibe des Videos:
“I was a big fan of Molly’s first album and so I was really excited when she asked me to direct a music video for “Candy.” The song itself is very visual to me, and my first instinct it that I wanted the video to be bright and colorful and fun…I also had this instinct where I wanted to make Molly look really great, I think she’s so beautiful and it made me excited to play with that, and there was a part of me that thought “as a woman why would I want to make her look so hot, isn’t that objectifying her?” And then realized the female gaze is completely different, if anything it’s a celebration and appreciation, there’s a safety in expressing that beauty. But that notion of exploiting something beautiful paired with the lyrics, which are all about trying to escape personal anxieties, came the idea of this girl at photoshoot, literally dressed like a flower child, kind of coming to terms she doesn’t want to be this photographic prop, but every time she changes how she looks and tries to escape, she gets caught again. We shot on 8mm to capture a 60s pop vibe, and to add to the levity of the silent film nature of the video, especially toward the end.”


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