Wolf & Moon (foto: don't panic music/bake photography)

24 Stunden mit … Wolf & Moon

Eigentlich liegt das neue Album von Wolf & Moon schon fertig in der Schublade. Fans des niederländischen Dream-Folk-Duos müssen sich aber noch etwas gedulden. Die Platte soll erst im September erscheinen – sofern Corona den beiden nicht noch einen Strich durch die Rechnung macht. Aber: Mit der Single „A Tape Called Life“ haben Stefany und Dennis, die mittlerweile in Berlin leben, schon mal einen ersten Vorgeschmack geliefert. Und um die Wartezeit auf die neue Wolf-&-Moon-LP zu verkürzen, lohnt sich auch ein Blick in diese 24-Stunden-Episode, die entstand, als die beiden gerade einen Live-Stream vorbereitet haben. Den könnt ihr euch am Ende des Beitrags natürlich auch ansehen.

24 Stunden mit Wolf & Moon in Berlin

Paper, Rock & Scissors

The day starts like any other day we don’t have to rush out of
bed: We have a tradition of playing paper, rock, scissors first thing in
the morning and the loser brings coffee to the bed. Today Dennis lost.
(Like most days) (foto: band)

Working Out

Part of Dennis morning routine is a little work out in the garden.
We wanted to spend as much time outside as we could before we would
spend the rest of the day inside preparing for the live stream. (foto: band)

Tech Wiz

Our friend and Tech wizard Manuel Knigge came around 16:00 and we
started preparing for the live stream that would go live at 21:00. What
we call our dining area became the stage. We moved the Dinner table to
the living room where it turned into a control desk. (foto: band)


5 minutes before show time we noticed that we still had some
technical issues. We were streaming to 32 channels at the same time, so
we needed to connect to all of those channel and that was quite a bit
tricky and stressful. In the end it worked out all fine, thanks to our
friend Manu! (foto: band)

Just Playing

We played 1 hour live stream concert and enjoyed connecting with
our fans and new people from all over the world. It’s quite a bizarre
feeling to be in your home but know that 3000 people are watching you
while you can’t see anyone. (foto: band)


After the concert we felt super tired from all the excitement. As
it’s impossible to keep up with all of the comments that come in
during the livestream while we were playing music we went back and read
through all of the comments people were sending in. It really gave us
the feeling that we are not alone in this and that people all over the
world are connecting with us and each other, which was beautiful to
experience. (foto: band)



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