William Fitzsimmons (foto: erin brown)

24 Stunden mit … William Fitzsimmons

Eigentlich muss man William Fitzsimmons ja gar nicht groß vorstellen. Der Gute hat sich schließlich mit seinen ehrlichen Folk-Songs einen Namen gemacht. Songs, die unverblümt sein Innerstes untersuchen, während sie geschickt Williams Talent für tragende Melodien und eingängige Arrangements nach außen kehren. Knapp ein Dutzend Alben, EPs und Live-Aufnahmen voller tiefgründiger und zutiefst persönlicher Inhalte zeugen davon. Dabei ist es kein Zufall, dass sich die Themen des Musikers oft aus den dunkleren Bereichen der menschlichen Existenz speisen. Gerade hat Fitzsimmons mit „Ready The Astronaut“ ein neues Album vorgelegt. Wieder ist es sehr persönlich geworden. Ein Trennungsalbum, produziert nach einer gescheiterten Ehe, anschließendem Exzess und dem Wieder-zur-Besinnung-Kommen in seiner neuen Heimat, Jacksonville/Florida. Dort ist auch diese 24-Stunden-Episode entstanden, in der William ebenfalls sein Innerstes nach außen kehrt.

Slight Hangover

9:00am: Wake up. Head to patio to get roasted coffee. First cup to nurse the slight hangover from last night (Whiskey and a good friend were over). Song choice: Taylor Swift – Ivy (foto: fitzsimmons)

Nobody Else Will Be There

9:30am: Clean pool deck from last night. Kids had friends over. This place is a mess. Song choice: The National – Nobody else Will Be There. (foto: fitzsimmons)

New Reality

10:15am: Run some errands with my crazy kids. My ex and I share custody of the kids. These weeks can be pretty exhausting, but they’re also the most fun you can ever have. At first it was really difficult to have to do all of these things on my own. But once I embraced it as my new reality, I found a joy in it that’s been pretty beautiful. Song choice: Scott Ruth – Feel The Same (foto: fitzsimmons)


12:00: Sit on the porch and read and listen to recent mixes. My town is pretty small, but the quietness and peace are hard to beat.  I’ve been producing a record for a friend and fellow songwriter and I like to sit outside and listen to mixes when there’s no other distractions. Just the way a lot of people will listen to the songs when they’re done. I find working on other peoples’ music just as enjoyable as my own work. Sometimes it’s even better because you don’t have the same pressure as the artist does. Song choice: Another Michael – New Music (foto: fitzsimmons)


1:00pm: Make lunch for the girls. Spaghetti!  Some days you can start to forget that you actually have a career outside of parenthood!  But it’s actually been great for my ego to not just think of myself as a musician.  I think the less I think of myself as only a songwriter the better my writing actually gets. Or at the very least, I’m able to enjoy it more than ever before. Song choice: John Martyn – Couldn’t love you more (foto: fitzsimmons)

Pool Time

Pool Time! (foto: fitzsimmons)
Open a beer and relax with the girls and let them get some sun. No beer for them. I recently got married to an amazing woman and we’re expecting a baby together so I’m trying to spend as much time with my daughters before life gets too crazy.  John Lennon was right that life is what happens when you’re making other plans. Being present has always been really difficult for me. The girls help me learn that lesson well. Song choice: Kacy Hill – Dinner (foto: fitzsimmons)

Not a Bad Day

9:00pm: Kids are happy and ready for bed. Time for daddy to practice guitar. Head to the porch with a guitar and play while the summer sun goes down.  Being a single dad has made finding time for writing and recording more difficult. But spending time with the girls is the great joy of my life. Sometimes it’s hard finding time to do the job that I love, but you can always find little moments to sneak away and play.  The funny thing is before I had kids I didn’t have to work as hard to have these moments and so I didn’t always appreciate them as much. Now I’m so grateful for them that I feel I’m able to work better than ever before.  Not a bad day at all. Song choice: Olafur Arnalds – Particles (foto: fitzsimmons)



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