Tami Neilson (foto: mrs jones)

24 Stunden mit … Tami Neilson

„Songs of Sinners“ heißt das neue Live-Album der neuseeländischen Soul- und Country-Musikerin Tami Neilson. Gerade hat die Gute die Platte auch in Deutschland vorgestellt. Wie sündig da der Touralltag aussah, hat Tami für uns in Wort und Bild festgehalten. 

24 Stunden mit Tami Neilson in Berlin

On A Trip

After 2 flights and an 8 hr layover, it’s good to land on Berlin soil! 36 hrs since I left my home in Auckland, New Zealand. (foto: tami neilson)

Air BnB

Straight into (unplugged) rehearsals at the Air BnB, trying to be quiet, but hoping the neighbours like soul, blues and rockabilly! (foto: tami neilson)


Our tour manager is Dutch and brought us each a pack of Stroopwaffels to start the tour- the sugar buzz cure to jet lag! (foto: tami neilson)

Soaking Up Berlin

One hour to quickly stroll through Berlin and soak up what we can of this beautiful city before soundcheck! (foto: tami neilson)


Pre-show steam, moistening up those tired vocal chords. Forgot my steamer at home, so a greenroom kettle is the next best thing! (foto: tami neilson)

Full House

What an amazing start to our German tour! With a full house and 2 encores, the incredible Berlin audience makes the long trip worth it (and lets be honest, the Stroopwaffels did, too ??)  (foto: tami neilson)



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