Shura (foto: hollie fernando)

24 Stunden mit … Shura

Im Zeitalter des Streamings wird das Album gerne totgesagt. Dass es aber immer noch etwas ganz Besonderes ist, einen Longplayer zu veröffentlichten, zeigt dieser Beitrag der Londoner Pop-Musikerin Shura. Shura aka Aleksandra Denton hat mit „forevher“ in diesem Sommer einen eben solchen vorgelegt und den Release Day für uns in Wort und Bild festgehalten.

24 Stunden mit Shura in London, UK

Record Store

The morning of my album release my mum came over and I took her to my closest record store. This is a video of us walking in as they’re playing the album. I asked her if she wanted the vinyl and she said no. (video: shura)

First Time

We went straight back to our house and played my mum the album for the first time. (foto: shura)


This is me seeing my album poster for the first time on the London Underground. I was QUITE excited. (video: shura)

Liverpool Street

On the way to rough trade east we got off at Liverpool Street and I could meet a poster face to face for the first time. I was thrilled. I don’t think the woman behind me was very impressed. (foto: shura)


This is the cake Secretly Canadian got me to celebrate the release! (foto: shura)

Trevor Project

This is me after the show wearing some merch by Claud who is amazing. The proceeds of this shirt go to the Trevor Project. (foto: shura)

Twin Magic

My twin managed to capture the signing queue at the end of the show. Lots of people recognise him from being in some of my music videos which is always fun. (foto: shura)

A Pic With The Security Guard

At the end I took a photo with the security guard too because he was very helpful in making sure the queue went by smoothly. (foto: shura)



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