Lisa Morgenstern (foto: Miguel Murrieta Vásquez)

24 Stunden mit … Lisa Morgenstern

Experimenteller Pop trifft auf klassische Elemente – so könnte man die Musik von Lisa Morgenstern vielleicht am besten umschreiben. Die deutsch-bulgarische Pianistin, Sängerin und Komponistin hat mit „Chameleon“ gerade ein neues Album vorgelegt. Neun Stücke, allesamt unbedingt hörenswert. Wer sich von den Qualitäten der Künstlerin überzeugen will, sollte sie aber unbedingt auch live mal erlebt haben (Termine untenstehend). Die Gute ist gerade auf Tour, hat unter anderem auch Ólafur Arnalds supportet. Ihren Tournee-Alltag hat sie für uns in Wort und Bild festgehalten.

24 Stunden mit Lisa Morgenstern in Leeds, UK

Voyage, Voyage

I’ll hijack the trolley from the airport as far as I can get. The equipment is terribly heavy, even if it is the small set up this time. (foto: lisa morgenstern)


Arrived at Townhall Leeds. Happy! (foto: lisa morgenstern)


Last shot of the film roll. (foto: lisa morgenstern)

Reunion hug

There’s nothing else to say. He is an incredibly dear person. (foto: lisa morgenstern)


Tonight will be the last show of 4 shows supporting maestro Ólafur Arnalds. The air already carries a special atmosphere throughout the room. (foto: lisa morgenstern)


There have been delays setting up. The magical crew nevertheless does well. They are all incredibly sweet! (foto: lisa morgenstern)

Cable salad

I’m battling my own modest collection of cables and knobs. (foto: lisa morgenstern)

Line check

I am approaching a very short soundcheck with confidence? Stay cool Lisa! (foto: lisa morgenstern)


I warm-up my voice with funny strange noises, sliding through my range and testing myself in amateur overtone singing. (foto: lisa morgenstern)

Spots on

I so often wish I had the opportunity to record a video of what is happening and then send it to me a few years ago. (foto: lisa morgenstern)

Pure freedom

On this tour I got to know a whole new feeling on stage. Something I already knew, but had never dared to feel: That’s exactly what I want to do forever. (foto: lisa morgenstern)


It sometimes takes a while, but this evening the emotional level works for me immediately. (foto: lisa morgenstern)

Thank you, Leeds!

You were an incredibly welcoming audience. Thank you very much for the warm response. (foto: lisa morgenstern)

Good night!

Tired but satisfied. A series of hugs backstage and somehow the whole thing is suddenly over. (foto: lisa morgenstern)

Story time

Obviously, social media things need to be done, too. (foto: lisa morgenstern)

Happy return

What’s next? (foto: lisa morgenstern)

Tourdaten: 16. Juni – Mannheim – Maifeld Derby; 21. Juni – Katowice (PL) – Tauron Nowa Muzyka; 27. Juni – Lärz – Fusion Festival; 2. Aug – Dangast – Watt En Schlick Fest; 8. Aug – Haldern – Haldern Pop Festival; 12. Aug – Winterthur (CH) – Winterthurer Musikfestwochen; 21. Aug – Berlin – Pop-Kultur Festival; 20. Sept – Hamburg – Reeperbahn Festival, Elbphilharmonie



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