Kira Hummen (foto: Nadia Wardi)

24 Stunden mit … Kira Hummen

Kira Hummen steht für facettenreichen Alternative Pop. Mal kommt der auf eine sanftere Art und Weise daher und mal ganz direkt und unverfroren. Mal soulig und Hip Hop-beeinflusst, mal poppig und Gitarren-fokussiert. Aber: Immer ungefiltert und empowerrnd. Nachdem ihr Debüt noch von den Corona-Anfängen verschluckt wurde, hat die in Düsseldorf lebende Musikerin kürzlich ihr zweites Album „My Body Is The Only Place“ vorgelegt. Reinhören lohnt sich. Und reinschauen – in diese 24-Stunden-Ausgabe.

Drapes Down

Good Morning from the top of my room on a Thursday! My sleep is very light-sensitive so I love my drapes down and curtains shut. (foto: Kira Hummen)


My only constant in the mornings: Coffee! It’s the one addiction I allow myself to have besides music. (foto: Kira Hummen)

Sofa Session

So while my body is absorbing the caffeine, I start my work day with checking mails and stuff. I like it comfy so I prefer working on my super-old sofa, that belonged to my great grandparents decades ago. (foto: Kira Hummen)


Ring-ring on the door: Merch is delivered! I ordered some super-sweet flashlights to get you home safe. (foto: Kira Hummen)

Radio Interview

Radio interview from home: I have to admit I am always a little anxious before interviews but when they flow, like this one, I actually like them. (foto: Kira Hummen)


I try to catch a little daylight everyday. Especially this time of the year as it’s getting so rare to see the sun it always energizes me so much. Today I am meanwhile entertained by my grandma on the phone. (foto: Kira Hummen)


Recording a stripped down live version for a radio show. As much as I enjoy playing with my band, I also like the freedom that comes with a minimalistic set from time to time. (foto: Kira Hummen)


Got myself my favorite fast food: pizza rolls. On the way home I looked up and saw this spooky moon shining beautifully through the clouds. I find it always so calming to look up in the sky. (foto: Kira Hummen)



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