Jehnny Beth (foto: andreas neumann)

24 Stunden mit … Jehnny Beth

Jehnny Beth – Frontfrau der derzeit pausierenden Savages – hat im vergangenen Monat mit „To Love Is To Live“eine düstere, filmische Meditation über die Seltsamkeiten des Lebens vorgelegt. Auf ihrem Album erforscht die Gute die tiefsten Bereiche ihres kreativen Bewusstseins, eingehüllt in einen Sturm von Klängen. Mit Gastauftritten von Romy Madley Croft von The xx, dem Schauspieler Cillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders) sowie Joe Talbot von IDLES. Letzterer taucht auch in dieser 24-Stunden-Episode auf, die die gebürtige Französin und Wahl-Londonerin für uns dokumentiert hat.

Woke up like this

I woke looking fresh like a daisy wearing my own hoodie. I thought “ this is exactly the natural start of a very good day”. (foto: jehnny beth)

First book

I was right! Today I received the physical copies of my first book „C.A.L.M.“. Nothing beats the first time you do anything, including holding your first book for the first time. (foto: jehnny beth)

2020 style!

And nothing beats the 2020 fashion! I take a cab to do some promo in Paris. I feel I have to wear heavy make up on my eyes to compensate with the absence of a mouth. (foto: jehnny beth)

Joh my Hostile

Later I’m meeting Johnny Ho for a shooting session. We do everything ourselves these days, and remotely. Magazines ask us to do editorial shoots for them, they send clothes to us to play with. (foto: jehnny beth)


My friend Hannah Martin sends me another photo of her in front of one of my album posters. She’s been doing this daily and I have a nice collection. (foto: jehnny beth)

Joe Talbot of Idles

To finish the day I do a nice little zoom meeting for Joe Talbot’s new TV show ‘Balley Tv’. He tells me I’m much more skilled to host my own TV show. I tell him he wears better shirt than I do! (Hawaïen shirt). (foto: jehnny beth)



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