Wallis Bird - The Ocean (foto: caroline)

„The Ocean“: Wallis Bird mit neuem Video

Kurz vorm Jahreswechsel meldet sich nochmal Wallis Bird zu Wort. Die Gute hat dieser Tage mit „The Ocean“ eine neue Single nebst Video vorgelegt. Wollen wir euch nicht vorenthalten.

Die irische Singer-Songwriterin selbst sagt übrigens über „The Ocean“:


„We made The Ocean as a gift to our younger selves who struggled with our sexuality. Growing up in Ireland, we never saw lesbian love stories depicted on MTV and therefore never had access to powerful narratives that celebrated or represented the love stories that we could really relate to. We would love for this film to reach our LGBTQ+ family in the 72 countries where being gay is still illegal so we can try to shine a light on the darkness by giving a voice to the LGBTQ+ voiceless. In doing so, we’re showing that, while we’re divided by social, religious or cultural barriers, we’re all bound by our aspirations towards true love.“


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