Vanessa Peters (foto: rip rowan)

24 Stunden mit … Vanessa Peters

Vanessa Peters ist dafür bekannt, nachdenkliche Texte mit eingängigen Melodien zu verknüpfen. Seit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt haut die Gute ein Album nach dem anderen raus, stets vollgepackt mit gut gemachten Folk/Rock-Perlen. Sie hat tausende von Shows in den USA und Europa gespielt und eröffnete Konzerte für Künstler wie Josh Rouse, 10.000 Maniacs, John Oates, Matthew Sweet, Mikaela Davis und Lucette. Im April ist ihr aktuelles Album „Modern Age“ erschienen. Darauf zu hören: elf Tracks, energetischer, gitarrengetriebener Pop-Rock. Zu der Zeit ist auch diese 24-Stunden-Episode entstanden, zu der Vanessa Peters sagt: „Thanks to Covid-19, we were in Italy for more than one year (not a bad place to be!) but we recently returned back to our home in Dallas, Texas.  Here’s a few snapshots from our life in Texas!“

Morning Cup

Obviously, coffee!  I bought this cup at IKEA about 10 years ago and it’s still my favorite coffee cup. :) My husband and I used to own a coffee shop. We are passionate about good coffee and I look forward to my morning cup every day! (foto: peters)

My Backyard

This is our backyard, and right now (April/May) is the perfect time to enjoy it, before it gets too hot and full of mosquitos!  We came home at the best time of year! (foto: peters)

Fiat 500

One of our first orders of business was to get my little Fiat 500 running again!  Poor thing had been parked for 15 months with no one to drive her.  Luckily she’s pretty resilient and came back to life without too much trouble. (foto: peters)

One-woman-distribution center

As soon as I got back to Texas, I had to get started right away preparing all of the packages for our Kickstarters who had pre-ordered the new album!  I was a one-woman-distribution center for a few weeks!  This is also my regular office (in the recording studio) so obviously I couldn’t get much other work done until this project was finished. (foto: peters)


So many packages! (foto: peters)

Modern Age

Since we’ve been home, we also did some work in the studio… including setting up a green screen in the control room so that we could finish the video for “Modern Age”! (foto: peters)


 Also did some live streams for my Bandcap followers and Facebook followers to celebrate the release of Modern Age.  It’s been a very busy month, but in the best way possible! (foto: peters)

Prettiest Season

Spring is definitely the prettiest season in Texas. :) (foto: peters)


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