The Big Moon (Pooneh Ghana)

24 Stunden mit … The Big Moon

Vier Mädels, die es schafften frischen Wind ins Indie-Gitarren-Genre zu bringen: The Big Moon aus London. Für ihr 2017 erschienenes Debüt „Love in the 4th Dimension“ wurden Juliette Jackson, Soph Nathan, Celia Archer und Fern Ford mit einer Mercury Prize Nominierung belohnt. In diesem Jahr erschien mit „Walking Like We Do“ ein neues Album. Kurz darauf, mitten im Corona-Lockdown, entstand diese 24-Stunden-Episode.


„In between snacking/panicking, I’ve been spending this unexpected downtime trying to write some new music. Even if I can’t get in the right headspace to actually write any proper songs it’s a nice distraction. I’ve also been doing guitar lessons on zoom which has been super cute.“ (foto: Jules)


„I’ve been sewing this little guy! My sis is due to give birth any day now so this is for the new member of the family whenever I get to meet them! Really looking forward to all the hugs once they become state sanctioned again.“ (foto: celia)

Mid petrol-powered-lawn-mower impression

„This is a pic of me, mid petrol-powered-lawn-mower impression. Head to our insta highlights for the real deal.“ (foto: Fern)


„I’ve decided to use this time wisely. I’m learning to juggle.“ (foto: Fern)


„Turns out puzzling is VERY satisfying and therapeutic! This is a Christmas one cause it’s all we had but I’m not complaining. (foto: Soph)


In between puzzling I’ve been making tabs of our songs, playing a lot of guitar, talking to my friends and watching Bojack Horseman.“ (foto: Soph)


„Here is a screenshot of our zooooom meeting where we’re doing some plotting and planning with dear pal and collaborator Jelly Denniston!“ (foto: big moon)



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