Thala (foto: lucio vignolo)

24 Stunden mit … Thala

Sie gehört zu den artists to watch in diesem Jahr: die Dream-Pop-Künstlerin Thala. Die in Berlin aufgewachsene Musikerin kombiniert veträumte Klanglandschaften mit nachdenklichen Texten. Ihr Sound orientiert sich dabei an den Vibes der 70er Jahre als auch am Shoegaze und Psych der 80er und 90er. Gerade ist ihre neue Single “Takemeanywhere” erschienen. Ein Song über das Verlangen von Menschen durch die Zeit reisen zu können. Und wer wäre – mit einem Blick auf die Inzidenz – gerade nicht lieber schon im Jahr 2022? Wie es bei ihr aber im Hier und Jetzt so läuft, das zeigt uns Thala in dieser 24-Stunden-Episode.

Waffles & Tea

This is definitely not my usual but recently I have discovered that waffles mix perfectly well with green tea. So this has been my breakfast for the past few days. (foto: thala)

Window Spot

I love sitting at my window whilst having breakfast, catching some sun, coming up with new tunes – definitely depending on my mood and the weather though. If it’s rainy and cloudy I most likely have it in bed. AS ONE SHOULD. But yea, breakfast sometimes takes hours as the process of eating turns into answering emails, messages and grabbing my guitar to play some tunes or write new ones. (foto: thala)

Studio Time

Normally then I head to the studio and keep working on my music with Michael, my producer. We do some last tweaks on my album, discover new potential sounds, record new vocal tracks, play around with ideas. Quite often I play him my new songs and we start producing them together. It really depends but the studio is definitely my safe haven, I could spend eternity in there. (foto: thala)

Headphones & Blue Skies

(Once you open the front camera…) so this is quite my usual: after the studio I go home, or for a walk and listen to the demo, I  just made, to come up with new ideas to make it even better. I love doing that, also cleaning my apartment or hanging my loundry whilst listening is really therapeutic for me. I get to experience my music from a different aspect, they way other “listeners” would hear it or the way I listen to other artists when doing day to day activities. (foto: thala)


Recently I’ve discovered painting again which i haven’t been doing in forever. Feels good to be doing something else productive and see progress and growth in it. Besides the fact that it’s fun to just pick any color put in on paper and see whatever the outcome is. (foto: thala)

Netflix and Take-In

So to be honest: I really love watching movies and eating inside of my bed. Either self-cooked or take- out. It has always been a thing for me. Usually comes after taking a long hot bath. So yea, this is me. Obviously not every day is the same but quite often it’s just like that. I cannot wait to play concerts again! Stay safe everyone xxx  (foto: thala)



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