Low Island (foto: band)

24 Stunden mit … Low Island

Ein bisschen Radiohead, ein bisschen Caribou – mit ihrer jüngsten Single „In Your Arms“ haben Low Island eine Menge Vergleiche provoziert. Das Oxford-Electropop-Quartett – bestehend aus den Kumpels Carlos Posada, Jamie Jay, Jacob Lively und Felix Higginbottom – hat trotz Corona ein erfolgreiches Jahr hinter sich und landete mit „Don’t Let The Light In“ sogar auf dem FIFA-21-Soundtrack. Kann man mal so machen. Für uns hat die Kapelle nun einen ganz normalen Pandemie-Tag in Wort und Bild festgehalten.


Life as a musician is irregular – pretty much the only regularity I have is breakfast. Yoghurt, muesli and half a banana. I only started drinking coffee this year. I regret it; it often makes me feel terrible, but I can’t stop. We’re based in France at the moment in a remote house in the countryside which we’ve turned into a studio. We recorded a lot of the new material here before the first lockdown, and we’re back again to rehearse, learn how to play it, and film live performances. (foto: low island)


Over the course of this year, we had a load of conversations about how we could survive the severe bashing the music industry was taking from Covid. We’d been working so hard on new music that we wanted to make sure, whatever happened, we’d be able to get it out there. We decided to set up our own label and take on self-management, which has upped the workload massively. I am the ‘manager’, Felix handles everything to do with the label, Jamie is in charge of the live show and all things production, Jacob oversees the campaign. It has been incredibly freeing, and we’ve learnt a hell of a lot, but it comes with its challenges. The main one being balancing your time between the management side but still being able to go back to noodle at the piano and remind yourself that you’re a musician. I try to get the lion’s share of emails out of the way in the morning – I usually fail.  (foto: low island)

Set Up

This is the main room we are recording most of the live performances in. We’re trying to film 2 videos a day with our great friend and filmmaker, Ben Ogunbiyi, who’s out here with us for a week – 1 more stripped-back type thing in the afternoon, and then a full band performance in the evening. We spend the morning rehearsing, setting up and running tests. This is Jamie, just before we descend into full cable/work chaos. You can see the big light fixture behind him (the black box hanging from the ceiling) that we built ourselves out of cheap softboxes and felt. (foto: ben ogunbiyi)

Rehearse and Film

Jacob, Jamie and I are rehearsing for the first video while Felix and Ben prepare the camera and lighting – it’s a stripped back version for a song we haven’t released yet. It’s around this time that too much coffee has been drunk and not enough food eaten. Some of us (um…me) start to get ‘hangry’ (hungry and angry). (foto: ben ogunbiyi)

Fresh Air

There’ve been quite a few days where we haven’t left the studio (I’m pretty sure this is the first time Felix has left in about 4 days). The house is in the middle of nowhere but it’s next to a beautiful lake which we take walks around before it gets dark and we can start shooting again in the evening. (foto: low island)

Evening Shoot

Now we go into full band mode. Last night we had a weird episode where Jacob got an electric shock from a cable and his left hand didn’t work for an entire day. We’re not entirely sure what caused it; his movement’s mostly come back except for his little finger which is sort of dangling about limply. We’ve covered everyone/thing in electrical tape and he’s working out how to play the bass with an only semi-functional hand. (foto: ben ogunbiyi)

Bed Time

By this point, no one knows what the time is, we’ve drunk too much, Jacob’s hand still doesn’t work properly, and for some reason there’s another drum kit set up in my bathroom. The message is clear – go to bed.  (foto: low island)



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