Laura Carbone (foto: julia beyer)

24 Stunden Mit … Laura Carbone

Wie sieht das Leben einer Künstlerin aus, die von der eigenen Plattenfirma auch schon mal als Dark Starlight tituliert wird? Laura Carbone verrät es uns. Die aus Mannheim stammende, aber nun in Berlin lebende Musikerin bringt am 1. Juni mit „Empty Sea“ ein neues Album raus, ist jüngst mit The Jesus and Mary Chain, INVSN und The Pains of Being Pure at Heart getourt – und hat gerade beim Orange Blossom Festival gespielt. Ihren Tag in Beverungen hat die Gute für uns in Wort und Bild festgehalten. 


24 Stunden in Beverungen/NRW

1. Lunchbox Hero

It’s way to early to take nice pictures… This is the Lunchbox my flatmate Rafaela prepared for me. Vanilla Pudding, fresh fuit and quinoa, perfect to start a day on the road. (foto: carbone)

2. Remembering Pink Floyd

Me, being so nervous before that show that i start hugging fake animals. (foto: carbone)


3. Heavy Heavy

On stage (foto: carbone)


4. Happy Happy

Post Show Happiness with my whole crew (foto: carbone)


5. Take Me Away

Post Show Happiness with Dumbo (foto: carbone)


6. Willkommen bei den Krauts

It’s Olga’s first time on the road in Germany – She never had Schupfnudeln with Sauerkraut and still doesnt believe me it has nothing to do with Pasta. (foto: carbone)


7. Spritzer

Perfect drink if you shouldnt have beer and it feels too hot for red wine. (foto: carbone)


8. Meet and Greet

When you have a „Meet and Greet“ and you get confused – because there are actually people that want to „meet and greet“ you. (foto: carbone)

9. Lovely Lady

This lovely Lady draw us on stage – soooo very sweet!!! (foto: carbone)


10. Lullaby

Driving back to Berlin while the sun sets. What an amazing first festival this has been. (foto: carbone)


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