Ben Wylen (foto: tom oxley)

24 Stunden mit … Ben Wylen

In seiner Heimat Los Angeles hat sich der talentierte Sänger, Songwriter und Pianist bereits einen Namen gemacht, jetzt werden auch die deutschen Radios auf den Mann aufmerksam. Die Rede ist von Ben Wylen. Klingt ein bisschen wie Coldplay und Hozier, der Gute. Davon kann man sich auf seinem Debütalbum „People Say“ überzeugen, das im vergangenen Jahr erschienen ist. Uns gewährte Wylen nun Einblick in seinen Corona-Alltag, ehe er sich irgendwann aufmacht, Europa zu erobern.


The first thing I do everyday is wake up and make myself a coffee. I am a bit obsessed with with it, so I learned how to make the fancy art with the milk! Not bad ehh??? (foto: wylen)

The Alchemist

While the sun is shining in the morning I usually sit on my porch with that fancy coffee and read something inspiring. I find that books constantly inspire new songs and so I try to start my morning’s off with some words of wisdom. The Book in this photo is my absolute favorite. It is called “The Alchemist.” If you have the time to read it, you won’t regret it! (foto: wylen)

Mustache Men

After the reading, I answer all the messages I’ve gotten from the fans. Generally I respond to them with cheeky photos of me with a fake mustache and sunglasses. That usually does the trick! (foto: wylen)


Since covid has got us all locked away, I have used the time to write and record as much music as possible! I usually start on the acoustic guitar just to see if anything perks the ears up… (foto: wylen)


After coming up empty on the ole six string, I make my way to the piano where the magic usually happens…I got the piano microphones all set up so I just get recording. (foto: wylen)


Finally during the late afternoon I have made it the vocals! (foto: wylen)


I love to cook after a day of writing and recording. Chopping vegetables is weirdly soothing haha. Can you guess what I am making? Did you guess chicken lettuce wraps? If so, you’re right! (foto: wylen)



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