Basia Bulat (foto: richmond lam)

24 Stunden mit … Basia Bulat

Eine emotionale Achterbahnfahrt – so kann man Basia Bulats Arbeit an ihrem neuen Album „Are You in Love?“ vielleicht am besten beschreiben. Sie verliebte sich und verlor kurz darauf ihren Vater, unterbrach die Aufnahmen, um sich auf die Suche nach einem Sinn für das Schöne zu begeben. „Throughout this whole record, I was struggling between keeping it together and letting go“, erklärt Bulat, „between holding onto old narratives or accepting what’s before me.“ Das neue Album repräsentiert diese Zeit des Todes und der Trauer, aber auch der Vergebung, Neuerfindung und Liebe. Statt die überaus gelungene Platte nun der Welt bei Konzerten vorstellen zu können, gilt aber auch für die Kanadierin: social distancing: „Hello dear readers of Neon Ghosts! I hope you are all doing well, keeping safe and hopefully getting some time to rest while you’re staying home these days!  Here’s what a typical day in these strange times looks like for me:“

24 Stunden mit Basia Bulat in Montréal

Social Distancing

In the morning while I have breakfast I’ll call my mom and grandmother, and have a good chat with my cat Bobo who went to live with them while I was supposed to be on tour – so he’s keeping them company these days and teaching us all about social distancing, which is something he was already naturally very good at, since he’s a cat. (foto: bulat)


Sitting at this window in the sunshine reminds me to appreciate the sky, that spring is here and that the flowers will still bloom – and it helps with some of the uncertainty of this time. (foto: bulat)


Doing some analog activities like growing some of my favourite herbs and taking polaroid pictures helps too :) (foto: bulat)

Going digital

This is my set-up for livestream concerts I’ve been doing in the afternoons –  I had never done any concerts online before but it’s been so cool to get to meet all these different fans from around the world and to get to see everyone chatting with each other from different time zones has been very special. (foto: bulat)
The autoharp case makes an excellent laptop stand. (foto: bulat)
I’ve got a pretty lo-fi operation going on over here but it’s working so far! (foto: bulat)

Walking around

   I always try to take a walk to see the sunset if I can –  It’s a ritual I started when I was working on my newest album “Are You in Love?” and since then I’ve tried to catch as many sunsets as possible! On my walks I also try to check out some of the latest graffiti – Montreal is a great city for graffiti and murals, here are two of my recent favourites: this one … (foto: bulat)
… and that one. (foto: bulat)
The classic Mile End water tower view, but with a lot less traffic these days. (foto: bulat)


 Dinner at the end of the self-isolated day –  here I am celebrating that I didn’t burn my home-made pizza ;) Sending you all love and pizza energy and can’t wait to come back to Germany someday soon! (foto: bulat)



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