Alex Lahey (foto: Pooneh Ghana)

24 Stunden mit … Alex Lahey

Im Januar kündigte die australische Musikerin Alex Lahey ihr neues Album „The Answer is Always Yes“ an. Zwar soll das gute Stück erst am 19. Mai erscheinen, schon jetzt aber gibt es mit „They Wouldn’t Let Me In“ einen Song daraus zu hören. Ein atemloses Post-Punk-Juwel. Auf der neuen Platte, so heißt es, wird Lahey ihr Dasein als queere Person aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln analysieren, die neue Single leistet dazu einen Beitrag. Lahey verhandelt darin ihre Teenagerjahre. Uns stand die Musikerin nun für unsere 24-Stunden-Reihe zur Verfügung.

Tram Tracks

After waking up and doing some exercise, I go for a walk to my favourite cafe and grab an oat milk latte (lactose intolerant hive rise up). This is the view of the Melbourne tram tracks from the overpass I cross on my journey. (foto: Alex Lahey)


I move around a lot so it’s such a luxury to have a studio set up that I can go to every day. Because I know I’m going to be in Melbourne for a few months, I cleared out a room and set up a relatively stripped back version of my studio to work out of this summer. So here’s where I spend a lot of my day. (foto: Alex Lahey)


My friend from out of town wanted me to take her vintage shopping this afternoon, so we hit one of the best vintage stores in Melbourne – Lost & Found Market on Brunswick St, Fitzroy. I bought this very niche hat commemorating the AFL (Australian Rules Football) great Tony Lockett, who once played for my favourite team the St Kilda Sai


This is me and my cat Reggie hanging out in my bedroom. I spend a lot of time with Reggie during the day and he spends a lot of time with me, so I figured he should get a shout out in this piece. (foto: Alex Lahey)

The Retreat Hotel

Well, after what was a relatively relaxing day off the road and in the studio, I’m gonna hit the pub with some mates for dinner. This is one of my favourites in Melbourne – The Retreat Hotel in Brunswick. Until next time! AL x (foto: Alex Lahey)



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