Adam Green (foto: pete voelker)

24 Stunden mit … Adam Green

Keine Frage: Adam Green ist ein echtes Multitalent. Ein Songwriter, Filmemacher, visueller Künstler und Poet. Ende der Neunziger war er mit The Moldy Peaches Teil der New Yorker Downtown Antifolk-Szene, später erfolgreicher Solokünstler mit diversen Kult-Hits. Gerade ist mit „Engine of Paradise“ sein 10. Studioalbum erschienen. Die Platte umfasst interessante Features mit James Richardson (MGMT), Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine) und Jonathan Rado (Foxygen). Für uns hat Green, der im Oktober durch den deutschsprachigen Raum touren wird (Termine siehe unten), nun einen Tag in seinem Leben in Wort und Bild festgehalten.

24 Stunden mit Adam Green in New York City


An average breakfast for an average person. Peanut butter and Jelly is what everybody needs to stay out of jail. I get my toast from an underground bakery in the French part of the city.  (foto: adam green)

Early bird

Sleeping late can be a total drag. I like to get up nice and early so that I can have time to relax. Nobody knows how to chill out anymore because of all the phones and responsibilities. Today’s a sunny day, seems like it would be the ultimate day to go on an adventure with my squad, let’s hope my homies don’t freak out. (foto: adam green)

US Open

We decide to go to tennis match called the „US Open“. We made friends with the tennis champion Andrea Petkovic back in Stuttgart at an animal hospital. She thought we were dressed really cool and we ended up ditching the hospital to go to her pet’s funeral. (foto: adam green)

A technical master

Andrea is a technical master at tennis, but she thinks it’s funny to let her opponent score points as a joke. Sometimes she closes her eyes and swings wherever just to mess with everybody. She also doesn’t know how to count to 40, so she is always looking at me to ask how many points she needs to win the game. She loves that Bon Jovi song where he says ‚Tennis gives LOVE a bad name.“ (foto: Adam Green)

Beck at Timmy’s

After that epic tennis showdown. We took a stretch limousine to an apartment in Brooklyn where legendary artistic genius Beck was playing a show inside Timmy’s apartment. We were in the front row shouting requests and he totally ignored them all! Still he played so many superb songs, I feel like nobody would normally believe he played inside my friend’s apartment but I actually snapped this photo of it. (foto: adam green)

Black champagne and a cursed elevator

We drank so much of the black champagne, and were in such a good mood from the Beck concert, that we mistakenly got into an elevator and pushed the ‚down‘ button. On the way down God decided to punish us by making the elevator break.  We were out there in the middle of the air for forever, but it didn’t matter because it’s the summer and fun-times. Here’s a picture of us in the cursed elevator. (foto: adam green)

ADAM GREEN – Livetermine
18.10.19 – CCA – Glasgow, UK
19.10.19 – Soup Kitchen – Manchester, UK20.10.19 – Thekla – Bristol, UK22.10.19 – EartH – London, UK24.10.19 – Vooruit – Ghent, BE
25.10.19 – Gaite Lyrique – Paris, FR26.10.19 – Melkweg (Upstairs) – Amsterdam, NL


28.10.19 – Stage Club – Hamburg, Germany
29.10.19 – BiNuu – Berlin, Germany
31.10.19 – Palace – St. Gallen, Switzerland

01.11.19 – Sommercasino – Basel, Switzerland
02.11.19 – La Romandie – Lausanne, Switzerland
03.11.19 – Papiersaal – Zurich, Switzerland
05.11.19 – Flex Halle – Vienna, Austria   


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