The Happy Fits (foto: Rahil Ashruff)

24 Stunden mit … The Happy Fits

Ende August hat das quirlige Alt/Indie-Pop-Trio The Happy Fits sein nunmehr drittes Studioalbum vorgelegt. “Under The Shade of Green” heißt das gute Stück, dessentwegen die Kapelle aus New Jersey auch in diesem Herbst und Winter in der EU und Großbritannien auf Tour gehen wird. Auf der neuen Platte verarbeitet das Trio die vergangenen beiden Jahre, verbindet dabei ernste Themen mit verführerischen Hooks und Melodien, strahlender Instrumentierung und unvergleichlichem Charme. Reinhören lohnt sich. Und reinschauen. Und zwar in diese 24-Stunden-Episode, die Calvin Langman (Leadgesang/Elektrocello), Ross Monteith (Gitarre) und Luke Davis (Drums) da für uns gezaubert haben.

Cal Configures the Livestream

One of the biggest things that got us through the pandemic was live-streaming with our fans. Whether it was musical performances or playing Jackbox games with them, it’s been a huge part of connecting with our fans. The setup has now grown in to a tiny spaceship with three cameras, 2 computers, and 2 audio interfaces. (foto: band)

Cal Makes a Pina Colada

We love doing interactive streams. One of the most recent activities was making a Pina Colada live on TikTok to promote our new pineapple-tinged record ‘Under the Shade of Green’. (foto: band)

Cal Organizes the Fan Art Shrine

After doing this for 6 years, we’ve collected quite the collection of fan art doodles, art pieces, and sculptures. We have them all up on a shrine what we call the Prop Room that lives right next to where we do most of our work. (foto: band)

Cal Teaches a Cello Lesson

A rock band with a cello? Usually what surprises people most when they see us live for the first time is that we don’t have a bass player but instead we got a mad-man cellist filling the low end up instead. Here Cal is running a tutorial of how to play the cello riff in one of our new songs ‘Little One’.  (foto: band)

Luke Practices Drums

Luke practices his drums with the city of Easton, Pennsylvania right outside. The bridge seen there is just a few hundred feet from New Jersey, the state where we all grew up. (foto: band)

Ross and Luke Model New Merch

One of the biggest things about being independent is doing everything by yourself; this includes promoting and selling your own merchandise. We just received our new album ‘Under the Shade of Green’ merchandise so we thought we’d put on our best model faces. (foto: band)

Ross picks Out a Costume

We love making skits to post on our social media. Over the years, we’ve shot 18 music videos, meaning we have a TON of props & costumes. We keep them in our prop room for easy access so we can change in to anything we want to at any time. (foto: band)



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