The Snuts (foto: warner music group)

24 Stunden mit … The Snuts

The Snuts laden zum Burgfest ein. Eigentlich hatten die Schotten ja vor, zum Release ihres Albums “W.L.” ein paar Shows zu spielen und den Fans die Debüt-Platte in Gänze vorzustellen. Aber, Corona machte diesen Plan zunichte. “Wir mussten uns den Gegebenheiten anpassen”, sagte die vierköpfige Band, bestehend aus Jack Cochrane (Gesang/Gitarre), Joe McGillveray (Gitarre), Callum Wilson (Bass) und Jordan Mackay (Drums). Man entschied sich für eine Online-Release-Party: Ende März spielte die Kapelle „Live At Stirling Castle“ in Glasgow und ließ die Welt im Live-Stream daran teilhaben. Wie die Indie-Rocker diesen besonderen Tag erlebt haben, haben sie in dieser 24-Stunden-Episode für uns festgehalten. Übrigens: Im UK ging das Ding mittlerweile auf Platz eins.

Set Up

Turns out there’s quite a lot of set up in turning a castle into a venue. Massive respect to our crew for making it go without a hitch. (foto: the snuts)

Can a bass be too loud?

Soundcheck – equal parts nervous and just glad to be back at playing music. Sometimes a good soundcheck leads to a bad gig, so luckily for us this was a complete car crash. Leaving much to be debated – is the bass ever really too loud? (foto: the snuts)

Safety First

Always keep your drummer behind a perspex screen. Its safer for us & them. (foto: the snuts)


Why is there a light up replica moon on the stage with no previous context? Because there’s no business like show business. (foto: the snuts)


All four of us strutting our stuff. It took a bit of adjusting playing to no crowd, but a bottle of whisky soon sees to it that we’re playing with the same energy and bravado as a live gig. (foto: the snuts)

The End

The set comes to an end with an intimate acoustic performance of a track inspired by old friends & good times – 4 Baillie Street. All crowded around a few mics we sing a gang vocal accompanied by a cellist. 
By no means a normal 24 hours, but definitely one of my favourites! (foto: the snuts)



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