Rhodes (foto: Charlie Moore)

24 Stunden mit … Rhodes

Es ist wie ein Wiedersehen mit einem alten Freund: Der britische Singer-Songwriter Rhodes hat dieser Tage mit „Friends Like These“ sein zweites Studioalbum veröffentlicht. Stolze acht Jahre hat sich der Gute mit einem Nachfolger zu seinem erfolgreichen Debüt „Wishes“ Zeit gelassen, hier und da mal ein paar Singles veröffentlicht. Jetzt aber endlich: ein neuer Longplayer. Aufgenommen wurde die Platte im Lockdown mit Produzenten Rich Cooper und Ash Workman. Sie ist eine Kollektion an persönlichen Tracks, die von Liebe, Verlust, Freundschaft und Hoffnung erzählen, verstärkt von Rhodes charmanter Stimme. Live präsentiert der Brite sie in den kommenden Tagen auch in Deutschland (Termine anbei). Vorher haben wir ihn aber noch für diese 24-Stunden-Episode gewinnen können.


19.02.2023 – DE – Hamburg | Knust
20.02.2023 – DE – Berlin | Privatclub
22.02.2023 – DE – Cologne | Luxor
23.02.2023 – DE – Munich | Strom


OK eventually

So it’s not quite a normal day today because I’m releasing an album this week and theres a lot of promo to do! I woke up in Berlin at 5am for an early morning TV appearance on ZDF. I don’t think I really slept, a little to do with nerves of course but mostly because when we flew in yesterday the airline put my guitar on the wrong flight!!! Luckily my incredible tour manager Steven went back to the airport in the middle of the night and picked up the guitar which turned up on another flight so everything ended up OK. (foto: Rhodes)

Hair & Make Up

We arrive at ZDF and I’m straight in to hair and make up! It’s very much needed at this time in the morning and it also gives me a good chance to sit down and zone in to the performance, I try to run over the song a few times in my head and tune out the fact that there will be a LOT of people watching at home. (foto: Rhodes)

This buzz!

The performance went well, the presenters were super nice. Everyone made me feel welcome. The buzz of playing on live TV is like nothing else. I forgotten how great it feels. (foto: Rhodes)


We leave the TV building and head back to the Hotel for a little rest. It feels weird because at this point it’s only 9am and thats when I’m usually starting to wake up. I sat in my hotel room for a little while replying to a Q&A on Instagram and tried to rest before the next bit of promo this afternoon. (foto: Rhodes)

Coffee & Observations

As always, I couldn’t rest and was getting super bored at the hotel so I decided to go for a little walk and find a good coffee spot. Whenever I’m away from home and in a different city, I love to find a good coffee and sit for a little while, you can learn a lot about a city just watching the world go by and I love that. (foto: Rhodes)

Good Conversations

Next up we head over to see the wonderful people at FLUX FM! I did a nice long interview where we discussed the record and the upcoming tour around Germany, we also spoke in depth about travel and inspiration which was awesome! Sometimes interviews can be so nice and therapeutic, more like a conversation with an old friend than just trying to promote something. (foto: Rhodes)

Best Buddy

This is one of my best friends, Steve Weston. We collaborated a lot on my record and we work together on a lot of projects including my live show! I’m also super lucky that he also acts as my travel companion/ tour manager some of the time as well. We found a cozy spot to do a few emails and catch up on anything we’d missed whilst busy at TV and radio. (foto: Rhodes)


Turns out this little place serves beers as well (well it was a bar!) as soon as we’re done with work we order some drinks and relax before our journey home! Out of shot is also my record label rep, Mandy, who has been with us all days making sure everything runs smoothly and generally keeping us in check!
A GOOD DAY! Time for some sleep. (foto: Rhodes)


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