Krief (foto: Marc Etienne Mongrain)

24 Stunden mit … Patrick Krief

Ein Gast aus dem hohen Norden: In dieser 24-Stunden-Folge gibt sich der kanadische Musiker Patrick Krief die Ehre. Im vergangenen Sommer veröffentlichte der Gute sein neues Album „Dovetale“, das er selbst als „definitiv mein positivstes Album“ bezeichnet. Eine stimmige Mixtur aus Pop- und Rock. Ende des Jahres stellte der Mann das Machwerk dann auch in Deutschland vor, als Support des Folk-Duos Madison Violet. Auf der Tour durch die Republik entstand auch diese „24 Stunden mit …“-Episode.

24 Stunden mit Krief in Hannover

Plane Selfie

On the plane in Montreal. An overnight flight, with a show the next day makes for a long day! (foto: krief)

Van Tetris

Arriving to meet Madison Violet. Trying to fit my stuff into their van „tetris“. (foto: krief)

Tour Poster

Arriving at the venue, seeing the band’s tour poster. Delighted that they included me on it. (You’d be amazing how often the support band is not listed). (foto: krief)

Venue Sound Check

View of the stage at the amazingly bizarre venue Blues Garage. I always like to come into the venue and just check the room out before loading in or setting up. The look of this room got me excited to play. (foto: krief)

Motel California

Arriving at the Motel California. Without any question the most interesting and unique hotel experience I’ve ever had. Love it. (foto: krief)

Motel Room

A shot of my room at the Motel California with a beautiful and functional organ in it. (foto: krief)


 A beautiful dog that lives at this hotel. Always a joy to meet dogs on tour. (foto: krief)

Set List

Writing out the set list before leaving for dinner. (foto: krief)


Having a German classic for dinner. (foto: krief)

Show shot

A shot of our performance by photographer Dani Smile. (foto: dani smile)


 A late night Currywurst after several beers. In Canada we have poutine, which I found quite similar in nature. (foto: krief)



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