Onemillionsteps (foto: Martha Scheumann)

24 Stunden mit … Onemillionsteps

Mal rau und wütend wie bei The Kills und den Yeah Yeah Yeahs, dann wieder luftig und verträumt wie bei Big Thief oder Julien Baker: so kann man die Songs auf „White Is All Colors“, dem Debütalbum von Onemillionsteps, wohl am besten beschreiben. Die Platte ist der vorläufige Höhepunkt der Bandgeschichte, an der von Sängerin Nora Oertel, Drummer Max Schneider und Bassist Jonas Teichmann schon seit 2010 gebastelt wird. Uns gewährte das Trio aus Hamburg nun für unsere „24 Stunden“-Reihe Einblicke in den Band-Alltag.


First things first: a good morning starts with the devoted admiration of flowers. There is nothing more effective at reminding you of the splendor, beauty and drama of life than a bouquet of burgeoning buds and withering blossoms. Coffee and cigarettes may be added to intensify the experience. (foto: onemillionsteps)

On fleek

The right choice of clothes sets the mood for the day. It shouldn’t be anything too loud or bold. You want to be perceived as a decent and reasonable member of society and should always remember you are a role-model for your peers. (Foto: Martha Scheumann)

The struggle is real

Since Max and Jonas live in Hamburg and I live in Flensburg and furthermore chose to live my life without a driver’s license, a considerable amount of toil and trouble has to be endured to publicly transport my humble belongings to the sacred site that is our rehearsal room. (Foto: onemillionsteps)


Nutrition is key for a productive band day. Lollipops are the perfect choice if you want to keep your energy levels up. They fit into your pocket, are as high in carbs as a full meal and if you lick them mindfully they keep on giving for at least 30 minutes. (Foto: Martha Scheumann)


Once we have gained enough strength to take on the persistent challenges of what you call „being a band“ we shlep our gear and if necessary also props to the place of destination. (Foto: Sebastian Gimm) 

Heaven on stage

Heaven rewards the diligent they say. If a stage is heaven and if we are diligent then being able to play music together must be the reward. It sure feels that way :) (Foto: Niklas Hemker)

The platonic threeway

Post-gig band love is definitely a state worth striving for. We are a very affectionate band and tend to extensively express our mutual appreciation before our given window of time closes and we have to make our fare-wells. (Foto: onemillionsteps)

Space Odyssee

Back home in my picturesque harbor town I snuggle up in my space suit bed and recall all of the annoying and wonderful things I experienced and my heart is filled with gratitude because I know I must be very fortunate to have the opportunity to do what I love the most. (Foto: onemillionsteps)


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