Mia Berg (foto: Mikhela Greiner)

24 Stunden mit … Mia Berg

Mia Berg hat ein präzises, poetisches und großartiges Talent: Die junge Songwriterin aus Bergen, die mittlerweile in Oslo lebt, erfasst Gefühle und Situationen und malt mit ihren Songs Stilleben, die durch Melodie, Instrumentierung und Text bei den ZuhörerInnen eigene Bilder und Erinnerungen wachrufen. Ein universelles Gefühl aus dem eigenen zu generieren ist der Trick, den Mia Berg mühelos und schlafwandlerisch beherrscht. So ist es fast folgerichtig, dass Bergs neues Album „Sleepwalker“ heißen wird. Im Oktober soll es auf den Markt kommen. Vorher macht uns die Gute mit ihrer neuen Indie-Folk-Single „Goodbye, for a while“ schon Lust darauf – und mit dieser My-Soundtrack-Episode.

Breakfast time in Copenhagen

We are finally in Copenhagen and ready for tonight’s show playing support for Orla Gartland at the beautiful venue Vega at Vesterbro. But first, breakfast time before we seize the day. (foto: berg)

Hotel room rehearsal

Doing a little rehearsal in our hotel room, just going through all the songs and setlist for the evening. (foto: berg)


A little walk around the city centre, with the goal of finding some good coffee and vintage shops. This is Henrik, he’s my main collaborating partner – guitarist and producer of the music I’m making. Were currently closing up the last details for the album I’m releasing later this year. Im so excited for that!! (foto: berg)

Vintage shopping

Found a supercool vintage shop – wish I could buy a leather jacket there – but I dont have any room in my suitcase for the trip home. Henrik found some cool yellow shades. (foto: berg)


Finally at the venue with the biggest backstage room – reading a book, eating fruit and relaxing before soundcheck. (foto: berg)


Time for soundcheck – fun fact: The last gig I played before covid was at this very stage and venue, really nice to be back!! (foto: berg)


Played for the most lovely audience ever!!! (foto: berg)

Post Gig Face Expressions

Totally speechless after going off stage. The crowd was singing along to the songs and being super friendly. What a night! Went back to see Orla ́s show and meet some incredible people in the crowd. (foto: berg)

Legendary sunday

The legend herself Orla Gartland entered the stage, what a freakin
good show and wonderful evening. Looking forward to next time! (foto: berg)



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