Lea Porcelain (foto: peter kaaden)

24 Stunden mit … Lea Porcelain

Alles begann in einem Frankfurter Nachtclub: Genau da haben sich Julien Bracht und Markus Nikolaus vor sechs Jahren getroffen. Seither sind die beiden als Lea Porcelain unterwegs – und das mit kontinuierlich wachsendem Erfolg. 2017 erschien das Debütalbum „Hymns to the Nights“, danach ging es anderthalb Jahre auf Tour. Am 9. August will das Post-Punk-Duo mit „Love is not an Empire“ eine neue EP veröffentlichen. Uns hat die Band jetzt einen Einblick in ihren Alltag gegeben – in Wort und Bild.

24 Stunden mit Lea Porcelain in Berlin

Late Night

 This is us in our Funkhaus Studio in Berlin. We used to record and produce everything ourselves – mostly by night. Here we are sitting with our dear friend Nico Rebscher who helped us a lot on the production for the new tracks. It’s around 2 o’clock in the night there.  (foto: max hartmann)

Gas Station Six-Pack

Never to late to get a gas-station six-pack, if you’re recording. Here we put a Neumann Condenser Mic into the hallways of Funkhaus to record the drum-reverb but it’s bedtime soon. (foto: max hartmann)

On the bus

Next Day: We’re packing to a gig in our 1997 Chevrolet Expander Tourbus. Here you see the man behind the camera Max Hartmann who is one of the many great people we gather around us. Julien is waving and Markus finishing the latest social media post. Its a great office. #bestjobieverhad (foto: max hartmann)

Pre-Show Prosecco

Here we are backstage coming from an interview that was held in the backyard and already drinking the warm up Prosecco before the show. That’s one of the few reasons why we sound so sparkly live.  (foto: max hartmann)

The Ritual

The warm-up ritual 5 minutes before the show. We sing a mantra together to be on the same frequency and say some words of confidence that Julien’s father gave us. With us is our lovely rhythm group. Jan Urbiks on drums and Florian Stepper on Bass. (foto: max hartmann)

Best Moment

Best moment of the whole day. (foto: max hartmann)



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