girli (foto: Claryn Chong)

24 Stunden mit … girli

Ein paar Mal muss man schon noch schlafen, aber allzu lange ist es dann doch nicht mehr hin, ehe girli mit einem neuen Studioalbum um die Ecke kommt. „Matriarchy“ ist für den 17. Mai angekündigt. Die aussergewöhnliche Alt-Pop-Künstlerin aus UK, die vor sieben Jahren erstmals mit Elektro-Perlen wie „Girls Get Angry Too“ auf sich aufmerksam machte, hatte zuletzt schon ein paar Singles als Appetizer rausgehauen, darunter „Nothing Hurts Like a Girl“ und „Be With Me“. „girli“ ist bekannt für ihre unkonventionelle Art, Queerness und Feminismus in ihrer Musik zu thematisieren. Die Musikerin aus dem Norden Londons ist gerade dabei, auf der anderen Seite des großen Teichs für ihre Kunst zu werben. Dabei ist auch diese 24-Stunden-Episode entstanden.


I woke up in a new city, with a show that night. I love travelling and playing music so much but it’s important for me to find things that ground me, so that I’m in a good mental headspace to play the best shows. I always start the day by finding the hotel gym and having some me time. (foto: girli)

On The Road

On my way to the venue for soundcheck! Tonight we’re playing in Philadelphia. It’s my first ever show here and I can’t wait. (foto: girli)


Soundcheck time! Love dressing down as much as I love dressing up. I feel so grateful of the freedom that being a full time singer and musician allows me; I love skateboarding and surfing and the outdoors and switching my phone off and wearing baggy skate clothes… and then I also love putting makeup on and taking to the stage. And being surrounded by people and tour life. I can be all these things and they don’t have to contradict each other. (foto: girli)


Dressing room hangs with my favourite girls. My touring crew are all women and they’re all so badass. In a male dominated industry, being surrounded by powerful and supportive women is such a breath of fresh air. (foto: girli)

Sign My Name …

I had to get a photo in front of my name in lights before the show! (foto: girli)

On Stage

The show. Playing my songs to crowds who have never heard them live before is so electric. The energy between us is incredible. I’ve waited so long to play for them, and they’ve waited so long for me to visit. (foto: girli)

Selfie Time

My fans are the best part of my job. I call them pinkies, or girlipops. I always meet my fans after the shows at the merch stand, and hear their stories and take photos with them and hug and cry and laugh. (foto: girli)


One last look at my name in lights and then it’s back to the hotel to sleep and do it all over again in another city tomorrow! (foto: girli)



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