Genevieve Artadi (foto: Patrick Nguyen)

24 Stunden mit … Genevieve Artadi

Produktiv ohne Ende: So könnte man KNOWER-Sängerin, Louis Cole-Kollaborateurin und DIY-Queen Genevieve Artadi vielleicht am besten charakterisieren. Gerade ist ihr zweites Album“Dizzy Strange Summer“ erschienen, gleichzeitig ihr Debüt auf Flying Lotus‘ Brainfeeder-Label. Außerdem hat die Gute in jüngster Zeit mehrere Singles nebst Video veröffentlicht, zuletzt  „I Hate It When I Can’t Feel My Heart“. Klar, dass wir den Arbeitseifer der Künstlerin aus Los Angeles da gerne ausnutzen: Wir haben Genevieve Artadi im Juni gebeten, eine 24-Stunden-Episode für uns zusammenzustellen. Das ist das wunderbare Ergebnis.

Morning Wisdom

Every morning, I read something wise and meditate. My mornings start at 3pm lately. (foto: Genevieve Artadi)

Hawk and Mockingbird Flyby

I take a lot of slow motion videos of birds flying. This was a lucky moment cuz they went right over my window. (foto: Genevieve Artadi)

Cutting Beautiful Veggies

Lately every day I eat veggies on a cassava flour and tiger nut tortilla. I love the colors. (foto: Genevieve Artadi)

Me and LC go to Big 5

Louis needed some lacrosse balls, so we went on a drive to the sports store. On our way into the store, a guy outside asked me what my favorite Nintendo game is, and I told him it’s Dr. Mario [the only game I’m good at]. I asked his and he said „Duck Hunt,“ another great game. (foto: Genevieve Artadi)

Preparing to Teach A Songwriting Workshop

Tomorrow I’ll be talking about how I write songs. I’m excited. This is me trying to be organized about it, but i’m sure that when the time comes I’ll jump all over the place cuz I love nerding out on this topic but rarely do it out of shyness. (foto: Genevieve Artadi)

Bach Invention Practice

I love playing Bach 2-part inventions lately. It tests my focus, and the music is so beautiful and functional…some sense in a time of instability. (foto: Genevieve Artadi)

Spot Bleaching My Hair Before I Turn It Coral Pink

Evening out that blond so I can get some bright birthday hair, know what I mean. (foto: Genevieve Artadi)

Watching „Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown“

My new friend Marcella recommended this movie, saying the women had unbelievable style. She was not wrong. Also the scene where the taxi driver cries with the main character whom he hardly knew out of pure empathy hit me. (foto: Genevieve Artadi)

Play Some Words With Friends

Word games are soothing for me cuz they swoop me up from my overthinking. (foto: Genevieve Artadi)

The View When I Sleep Which is 8.30 AM

Morning is bedtime for me. (foto: Genevieve Artadi)



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