Be Charlotte (foto: jens koch)

24 Stunden mit … Be Charlotte

Drei Minuten Erleichterung – das ist das, was Singer-Songwriterin Be Charlotte ihren Hörern mit ihrer Single “Lights Off” in diesen schweren Zeiten gerne veschaffen will. Die Nummer ist auf einem alten, verstimmten Klavier in ihrer Wohnung im schottischen Glasgow entstanden – zu einer Zeit, in der sich die Gute ausgebrannt, deprimiert und uninspiriert gefühlt hat. Heute ist “Lights Off” der Song, den ihre Fans am häufigsten hören wollen. Ein Song, der ihr Türen geöffnet hat. Auch uns hat die Musikerin die Tür geöffnet – und diese 24-Stunden-Episode ermöglicht.

24 Stunden mit Be Charlotte

Good Morning!

Good Morning! I woke up and the sun was shining (for the first time in a while in Scotland) so forced myself out of bed and got ready to go for a run. (foto: be charlotte)

Ready For Work

Ready for work. Ate some breakfast then sat down to do some planning on my laptop. For the first few weeks of lockdown there wasn’t much going on but since I’ve released a single I’m starting to fill in my diary again!! (All just things to do at home) (foto: be charlotte)


A spot of sunbathing with Tom the bulldog. As I mentioned earlier it has been a particularly hot day here in Dundee today so we’ve got to make the most of these moments when they happen. I even had to put sun cream on!!! (foto: charlotte)


One thing that’s really helped me get through lockdown is putting on some makeup to feel a little normal again. I find it pretty therapeutic. Don’t get me wrong though….most days I prefer to be au natural. (foto: be charlotte)

Home studio

Home studio. Doing home recordings for some exciting upcoming projects. Being at home so much has really made me realise how much we can achieve at home – recording, filming & photoshoots. Some days are not as productive but I am enjoying trying to learn some new skills. (foto: be charlotte)

Lockdown Walk

I did a little photoshoot whilst out on my 1 hour lockdown walk… and it ended up looking like something out of Ozark (a series which I have been LOVING btw) (foto: be charlotte)

Going live

Ready for going live on instagram. I’m enjoying filming some “home content” and trying my hand at video editing. It’s also fun to try and play new versions of my songs too. Happiest when with my guitar. (foto: be charlotte)


Let’s get editing. After a few of hours I am ready to sit down and start editing the footage. Also preparing to make some food…on tonight’s menu is “a fakeaway” like a takeaway but homemade. It’s the little things that keep you going through your day.  (foto: be charlotte)

Thanks for spending the day with me. I hope you enjoyed a little insight into my life..not every day is the same but this has been my usual kind of routine at the moment. Lots of love.

Be Charlotte


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