Ásgeir (Foto: Anna Maggie)

24 Stunden mit … Ásgeir

Keine Frage: Mit seiner uniquen Interpretation isländischen Dreampops und den Alben “In The Silence” und “Afterglow” hat Ásgeir auch abseits der Heimat für Aufsehen gesorgt. Soeben ist sein drittes Album “Bury The Moon” erschienen – zeitgleich auf Isländisch und Englisch. Im Februar hat er es in Deutschland bereits bei ein paar Gigs vorgestellt. Wer ihn da verpasst hat, kann ihn hierzulande im April erneut erleben. Bei seiner aktuellen Europa-Tournee ist auch diese 24-Stunden-Episode entstanden.


20. April – Central Station / Darmstadt (Tickets)
22. April – Gloria / Köln (Tickets)
23. April – Muffathalle / München (Tickets)
24. April – Täubchenthal / Leipzig (Tickets)


24 Stunden mit Ásgeir in London

London Calling

After a good nights sleep on the bus we have arrived in London. Playing tonight at this beautiful venue. Now it’s time to find the showers and get some coffee and breakfast before the sound check. I’m doing an interview today and playing a session at the venue before the show starts. (Foto: Ásgeir)

Pool Time

We found a pool table close to the venue and played a few games. This is Helgi, the drummer of the group, and he was by far the best player. I’m pretty competitive and I love when there is a pool or foosball table in the backstage area that you can play before going on stage and to get your blood pumping.  (Foto: Ásgeir)

Like A Puzzle

Typically what I do with my free time backstage is make music on my laptop. Mostly some hip hop beats/songs since it’s so easy and fun to do with just the computer but sometimes something good comes out of it. It’s like a computer game or a puzzle for me when I’m hanging out backstage until the show starts. (Foto: Ásgeir)


We always go to the same restaurant when we’re in London and it’s one of our favourite restaurant in the world. It’s a Punjabi restaurant called Tayyabs and although we were on the other side of London our tour manager got them to deliver us food. Here you can see my brother eating a lovely meal off of an ironing board. (Foto: Ásgeir)

Shepard’s Bush

The day ended with a very fun show for a lovely audience in Shepard’s Bush. I signed cd’s and talked to some fans after the show. Then met with all the great people from my record label in London and chatted with them briefly. Then I went straight to the tour bus and in bed. I’ll wake up in Paris tomorrow. (Foto: Ásgeir)


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