Arkells (foto: matt barnes)

24 Stunden mit … Arkells

In Deutschland ist man mit ein bisschen Verspätung auf die Arkells gestoßen. Das Debütalbum  („Jackson Square“) erschien hierzulande erst 2012 – mit dreijährigem Delay. Viele Bands haben in dieser Zeit längst die Segel gestrichen. Nicht so die Kapelle aus Hamilton, Ontario (Kanada). Die begeistert auch heute noch mit ihrer Mischung aus Rock, Pop und Motown und hat mittlerweile fünf Alben auf den Markt gebracht. Ihr jüngstes, „Rally Cry“, erschien in diesem Oktober – und hey, auch zeitgleich in Good Ol‘ Germany. Die neue Platte haben Frontmann Max Kerman und seine Bandkollegen Mike DeAngelis, Nick Dika, Tim Oxford und Anthony Carone unter anderem bei den Austin City Limits vorgestellt. Den Tag haben sie in Wort und Bild für uns festgehalten.


24 Stunden mit den Arkells in Austin (Texas)

Where U Goin?

I’m not much of a morning person, but we had to be at the airport for 3am. The night before we had a gig in Toronto so it was a late night. I have my headphones in so I can listen to a podcast and not think about the fact I’ve only had 2 hours of sleep (foto: michael deangelis/arkells).

Company Man

We’ve landed in Austin (with a layover in Chicago) and it was beautiful and sunny. We loaded our gear in to a couple taxies and headed to the venue. (foto: michael deangelis/arkells)

Eyes On The Prize

As soon as we get on the festival site, the first question we always ask is „WHERE IS CATERING?“ – We got on the golf carts and headed immediately to Artist World for some lunch! (foto: michael deangelis/arkells)

Only For A Moment

After lunch we did some press, which included an acoustic set in this tent that was decorated like a bedroom. I normally don’t play keyboard, but I hacked my way through a couple songs. (foto: michael deangelis/arkells)

And Then Some

Staying hydrated before we hit the stage at ACL. Although to be honest I think there might be vodka in that drink. (foto: michael deangelis/arkells)

What Are You Holding On To?

After we played I treated myself to some ice-cream in coffee. It was very delicious. (foto: michael deangelis/arkells)

Round And Round

After our afternoon set at ACL, we went over to Antone’s, the venue for our late night set. Here we are setting up for the second show of the day. When we have to fly to a gig we don’t travel with our amps or drum kits, so getting used to new gear is often a challenge. (foto: michael deangelis/arkells)

Knocking At The Door

We are running on fumes here, but almost at the finish line. Here’s Tony and Nick hanging at the bar before they opened the doors. (foto: michael deangelis/arkells)


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