Wallis Bird (foto: Jens Oellermann)

24 Stunden mit … Wallis Bird

Wallis Bird hat derzeit alle Hände voll zu tun. Am 27. September erscheint mit „Woman“ ein neues Album der Vollblutmusikerin. Eine durchaus politische Platte, die sich dem Kampf gegen Arschlöcher, Ewiggestrige, Schwarzmaler und Hetzer verschrieben hat. Im Oktober und November geht’s dann auf große Deutschland-Tour. Derzeit ist die 36-Jährige allerdings in den USA unterwegs, um dort ihre Mucke vorzustellen. Den Tag vor der Abreise hat die irische Singer-Songwriterin, die seit geraumer Zeit in Berlin lebt, für uns in Wort und Bild festgehalten.

24 Stunden mit Wallis Bird in Berlin

The Tank

Ready for the day, my red bike ‘Tank’ and I prepare to cycle to Kreuzberg for a days worth of interviews. (foto: wallis bird)


The 2nd interview of the day is a walk through Kreuzberg with Julia Friese from „Tagesspiegel“. The sun is shining, people line the streets for breakfast, she gives a very in-depth interview about life in Berlin, here I am, parked outside our end destination of Caroline International record company office, laughing like a mad thing! (foto: wallis bird)


Stopping for lunch in Markthalle 9, for a great Tofu burger with C. from Caroline International. He’s such a sweet guy. (foto: wallis bird)

Markthalle … still

…. (foto: Wallis Bird)


Just after collecting merchandise from the Karakter Office to bring on the plane tomorrow for our USA tour. (foto: wallis bird)

Favourite Places

Tracey, my girlfriend, and I noticed a convoy of canoes along the canal, one of our favourite places to stop and stay a while. One look at the willows against the water and I come right down. (foto: wallis bird)


…. Below …. (foto: wallis bird)


Can’t forget supplies of sharpies for the US tour ;) we stopped off in Karstadt to do some last minute shopping. (foto: wallis bird)

A Healthy Pint

Tracey headed off to do some Bio shopping and I stayed for a healthy pint while reading the booklet from the Kate Tempest album, love this little Kneipe in Karstadt, great people. (foto: wallis bird)

A Surprise Parcel

Picked up a parcel from Postbank only to find out it’s from our friend Hannah Moulettes! We met her in Australia and loved her music so much – we hit it off. She makes creams for her company ‘Heavenly Bums’ and sent us over a gorgeous care package for the tour! (foto: wallis bird)

Golden Hour

Got home just in time to see the golden hour at home. (foto: wallis bird)

Face Cream

Tracey was making her own face cream as gifts for her friends in the States. (foto: wallis bird)


Packing, packing, packing. (foto: wallis bird)

Packing II

…. (foto: wallis bird)

Wrecked and Ready

Wrecked and ready to go :) (foto: wallis bird)



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