The Otherness (foto: gustavo saiegh)

24 Stunden mit … The Otherness

The Otherness sind eine Band, die was zu sagen hat. Die argentinischen Rocker verhandeln in ihren Songs Themen wie Waffengewalt, Klimawandel, Apokalypsen, Popkultur und die Bedeutung von Freundschaft und Familie während der Covid-19-Pandemie. „This might sound too serious, but it’s not… It’s just a rock album, meant to explode in the speakers and get people ready to celebrate the beautiful and complex fact of being alive right now“, schreibt uns die Band dazu. Kurzum: Es wird das Leben gefeiert, egal wie hart und komplex es sein kann. Überzeugen kann man sich davon etwa auf dem Debütalbum „LMIRL“ (Let’s Meet in Real Life), das im Oktober erschienen ist. Uns stand die Kapelle – Gonzalo Cativa, Martin Cativa, Nico Chenlo und Pablo Gaggioni – nun für unsere 24-Stunden-Reihe zur Verfügung.

Train Station

Usually, we have breakfast but sometimes we must get together in the morning to head to another city in order to do the load in-soundcheck-play a gig routine. This is on our way from Berlin to Hamburg. We are hungry – and that’s a spirit that seems lost in many young rock bands from Europe. (foto: band)

Snacks At The Venue

Anyways, when we arrive to the venues we enjoy a moment together. It is great to share a friendhship through the music experience and connection. Generally speaking, we kill time after the soundcheck having a bite and a laugh altogether. (foto: Matías Quinzio)

Photo Session

Sometimes we have to do activities that are linked to being in a band but they are not at all about music. This time we hit the amazing studio of Max Klein -who’s a great photographer with a cool experience in both Buenos Aires and New York – check his work here: We had fun in the studio and got ready to play the gig. (foto: max klein)

Lunch and Dinner

On the road you don’t have much time to eat well or follow a fine diet. However, whenever we have the chance we give ourselves a good treat. In the picture you might see proper home-made argentinean empanadas cooked by Gonza. Enjoy! (foto: band)


We give it all on stage. It is our way to honour both the music and the audiences. It is the best experience of it all when it comes to the daily life of a touring band. We love to play live and deliver a great set – it is where you can really notice if a band is worth watching and being listened to. (foto: gustavo saiegh)

Drinks after giggin‘

Cheers, Salud, Prost! (foto: gustavo saiegh)



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