Marissa Burwell (foto: Andrew Freedom)

24 Stunden mit … Marissa Burwell

Der nächste Streich: Nach der Veröffentlichung ihrer selbstbetitelten Debüt-EP (2019) und ihrem Album „Bittersweet“ (2022) hat Marissa Burwell mit „Either Way“  gerade ihre zweite EP rausgehauen. Eine EP, die die verletzliche Seite der kanadischen Singer-Songwriterin zeigt. Auf ihr  beleuchtet Burwell die verschiedenen Facetten von Liebe und des damit einhergehenden Herzschmerzes, wobei sie den Bogen über Selbstreflexion zu Hoffnung und Heilung spannt. Die in Regina, Saskatchewan (Kanada), geborene und aufgewachsene Marissa Burwell verbindet ihre warme Stimme und direkten Lyrics mit einem Indie-Sound, der von Folk bis Rock und von sinnlich bis rau reicht. Gerade war sie in Deutschland auf Tour. Dabei ist auch diese 24-Stunden-Episode entstanden.

Waking Up

Woke  up in Kassel after playing a lovely outdoor show. The space reminded me of an enchanted treehouse with wooden structures, flowers and twinkly lights all around. I felt so lucky to get the chance to play there.  (foto: Burwell)


My tour mated and myself then loaded all of our stuff in the tiny lift and got ready to make the trek for our next show in Augsburg. Don’t mistake me complaining about the size of the lift, I am just excited that there was one as we had a lot of gear to haul up and down to the car. (foto: Burwell)

Old Bowling Alley

The venue in Augsburg was an old bowling alley called the Provino club. It was a super cool space, run by volunteers. The bowling lanes are no longer functional but they hold events in that space so it is functional in another way. They can only host twelve events in the location per year so I felt pretty honoured to be apart of the limited events. (foto: Burwell)


This is Luca Wenner, he travelled from Munich so we could do an interview for the station he works at M94.1. The interview was in support of the tour I am currently on as well as the release of  my EP titled ‘Either Way’. It was my first German radio interview so it felt fun and exciting. (foto: Burwell)


Provino Club provided such a lovely table of catering and look at how cute this plate is. Fun fact, plum or should I say “pflaume“ was the one of the first German words I learned when I arrived in Germany. It sounds so cute to me. (foto: Marissa Burwell)

Provino Club

Performing in the court yard of the venue, the garden was full of adults, babies, dogs. It was so lovely. (foto: Burwell)

The End

We ended the show day exploring the venue further, here I am on the old bowling lanes. We then packed up our items, drove to our accomadation to prepare for another long drive for our show the following day in Dresden. 



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