Luna Morgenstern (foto: Jak O'Hare)

24 Stunden mit … Luna Morgenstern

Es geht Schlag auf Schlag: Kurz nach dem Release ihrer überaus intim anmutenden Debüt-EP „Taking The Blow“ hat Newcomerin Luna Morgenstern nun das Musikvideo zur Single „Tonight“ nachgeliefert. Die Nummer kommt mit einem „Breakfast At Tiffany’s“-Sample daher und wirft einen Blick auf die “verräterische Grauzone”, die das Verliebtsein so mit sich bringt, wenn noch nicht klar ist, ob das Gegenüber die sich entwickelnde Gefühle auch erwidern wird. Für das zugehörige Video arbeitete Morgenstern erstmals mit dem Filmstudenten Ties Bruins zusammen. Stichwort „Erwidern“: Glücklicherweise hat die Musikerin unseren Wunsch erwidert, sie für diese 24-Stunden-Episode zu gewinnen.


During busy times, I try to start my day with some mindfulness – whether that be with a meditation, some yoga or just a cup of tea and some gentle music like today. It helps me get my thoughts aligned and start my day with a peaceful outlook. (foto: luna morgenstern)

On my way to …

As a songwriter, I spend a lot of time in trains or at stations, travelling to studio sessions. I use the time to prepare for the session by listening to music I find inspiring at the moment and by creating little mind maps with words that I find interesting. (foto: luna morgenstern)

In the stu with Wannes and Babet

Usually, I write and produce all of my songs at home, but it is so nice to get them out of the privacy of my bedroom and into the studio, where they morph into full-blown songs through the ears of someone else. (foto: luna morgenstern)

The beauty of collaborations

Today we wrote an entire song based on the Korg minilogue! That’s what I love about writing with other people – you learn so much from each other. Whether that be about songwriting, production or about that piece of gear the other person brought along that you always wanted to try…it’s an exchange of creativity but also of knowledge! (foto: luna morgenstern)


And we’re back on a train – a good moment to listen to what we have created that day with a bit more distance and make some mental notes (also there’s always a possibility for a good old mirror selfie :D) (foto: luna morgenstern)


 I love cooking! After a long studio day, I enjoy to do something “non-brainy”, just with my hands. Cooking a (healthy) meal helps me to get out of the writing zone and to unwind :) So that’s a typical day in my life! I hope you enjoyed the ride and to see you at concerts in rl very soon! <3 Luna (foto: luna morgenstern)



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