Klangstof (foto: bibian bingen)

24 Stunden mit … Klangstof

Keine Frage: Klangstof gehört zweifellos zu den spannendsten Bands aus den Niederlanden. Die Band aus Amsterdam, die vom niederländisch-norwegischen Musiker Koen van de Wardt gegründet wurde und Synth-Pop, Post-Rock und elektronischer Musik vermengt, hat sich seit ihrem Debütalbum im Jahr 2016 einen Namen gemacht. Unter anderem tourte die Combo mit Miike Snow, Jagwar Ma und den Flaming Lips. Außerdem waren Klangstof die erste niederländische Kapelle, die sowohl beim Coachella als auch auf dem Bonnaroo auftreten konnte. Kurz vor der Corona-Pandemie ist mit „The Noise You Make“ das zweite Album der Band entstanden – genauso wie diese 24-Stunden-Episode.

24 Stunden in den Niederlanden

Gear Tetris

8:00am / Amsterdam – Leuven. First show of the tour. The gear tetris is all done. We spent spent quite some time figuring out how to get all this stuff inside there. This is me being proud about the fact that we pulled it off again. (foto: klangstof)


1:30pm / We made it. After we get to a city we also love to go out and explore a bit. I’m always afraid to get stuck in the tour life where you get out of the van, straight to the venue and back to hotel after you’re done playing. The reason why I love touring is because I love to see new places and going out for a walk. This is Wouter posing in front of a church we found. Check. (foto: klangstof)


4pm / Back at the venue the crew has set up everything and we’re ready for soundcheck. This is where we spent most of the time. Especially during the first show of the tour there is still a lot to gain in terms of sound. So we ended rehearsing for a few hours trying to lift our set for the night the next level.

Crappy Whiskey

8:50 pm / We usually start off the show with a little Whiskey. Usually a crappy one. 10 minutes before the show is usually the most nervewrecking part of the whole day. I think you can see that pretty well in Wannes’ face. Haha :)


9:30pm / At this point we are usually in the right vibe. The first few tracks always the hardest. You’re trying to get grip of the audience and when you slowly start to see their bodies move, you become more aware of what is actually going on on stage. Moments like these always send shivers down our spines. The best things about being a musician. (foto: klangstof)

Falafel and Pepsi

00:00 / This is where it all ends. It sums up the artist life pretty well in my opinion. We went out to see if there was still a place open where we could get some ‘decent’ food. Usually decent is more than enough after a long days work. ‘De Nijl’ seemed like the perfect place to grab some Falafel and Pepsi. Rating: 8,7. (foto: band)



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