Hayley Reardon (foto: Kannetha Brown)

24 Stunden mit … Hayley Reardon

Die Pandemie hat in den vergangenen Monaten so manche Pläne durchkreuzt. Auch jene von Hayley Reardon. Die US-Amerikanerin hatte eigentlich ein Stipendium der Stadt Dachau in der Tasche, hätte ein Jahr lang in der Ruckteschell-Villa leben und arbeiten können, wie die Süddeutsche Zeitung jüngst berichtete. Dann kam Corona und die talentierte Songwriterin blieb in Boston. Fleißig war sie aber auch dort. Neue Songs sind entstanden, in diesem Jahr will sie mit „A Hundred Little Lives“ eine EP veröffentlichen. Ein Vorgeschmack: der Track „Child Of A Giver“, im April erschienen. Es geht darin um die Angst, andere Leute zu enttäuschen und um ein Versprechen, sich selbst aber nicht zu verlieren. Ganz und gar nicht enttäuscht hat uns die Gute auch mit dieser 24-Stunden-Episode, in der sie uns die Magie New Englands näherbringt.

By The Sea

I live by the ocean and try to take a walk by the water every day. The earlier, the better but the nice thing about the ocean is that it’s always there waiting. 🌊 (foto: reardon)

Zoom Buddies

I used to be very much committed to only writing songs on my own. Quarantine taught me to lean more into co-writing as it helped me stay creative and connected during a time when it would have been so easy not to. My friend and tourmate Ryan O’Reilly and I have written together consistently over Zoom for the past 12 months. I’m so grateful for our creative relationship…here’s us working on a new tune together. (foto: reardon)

Coffee Lover

I love coffee and above all I love coffee shops and cafes. One of my favorite ways to spend a day is to sit for hours in a cafe reading and people watching. I love the discovery process too – hunting down new spots to try in my area. It’s one of the small, daily things I missed during covid and now that I am vaccinated I’m making up for lost time! Here’s a selfie from a new place I discovered during an outing with my mom recently. It’s called CastAway Vintage Cafe – they sell drinks and vintage clothes…a perfect combo I must say. I’m holding a smoothie here but there’s espresso in it so it does in fact count as coffee! (foto: reardon)

New England Magic

Another beautiful spot I found on my little adventure day. New England magic at its finest! Days like this fuel my creativity and songwriting for the week to come. (foto: reardon)


I live on the North Shore of Boston in Massachusetts. When I was in High School I couldn’t wait to get out of here but after leaving and coming back, I now realize what a profound sense of roots I have. It has become one of the things I’m most grateful for in my life. This place and all its magical corners are so special to me and there’s nothing I love more than spending a day exploring. Here’s a beautiful sunset in Gloucester, MA. (foto: reardon)



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